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The Codaphrase in Thai Syntax

NotesAcknowledgement to Don Sena for providing these examples as part of his paper "The Codaphrase in Thai Syntax," an adaptation and reworking of the treatment by Richard B. Noss of the Foreign Service Institute from "Reference Thai Grammar," 1964.
เข้าใจไหมkhaoF jaiM maiHDo you understand?
อะไรวะaL raiM waH[rude interjection] "What?" — "Huh?"
duuM khaoR thamM aL raiM naeF
"Look at what they're doing now! [Look at this new thing.]"
phohmR maiF daiF bpaiM raawkL
"I didn’t go [I surely didn’t!]."
khaoR maiF maaM thamM maiM raawkL naF
"[Just] why wouldn’t he come?"
maiF chaiF rohtH khaawngR chanR raawkL naF
"It’s not my car [don’t you see]."
deuuanM theeF laaeoH khoonM maiF daiF bpaiM thiaaoF laawyM graL thohngM raawkL reuuR
"You didn’t go to the Loi Kratong festival last month? [That’s odd; it seems you should have]."
ผมล้อเล่นหรอก อย่าโกรธเลย
phohmR laawH lenF raawkL yaaL gro:htL leeuyM
"‘I was just kidding! [I want you to believe I was just kidding.] Don’t be getting all fired up."
diaaoR daiF huaaR dtaaekL ganM mangF raawkL
"Before you know it, you guys are going to get your heads split. [Better believe it]."
thuuhrM maiF bpaiM thiaaoF gapL phuaakF khaoR raawkL ruuhrR jaH neeF
"Well, [you mean] you’re not going out with them?!"
gaawF khoonM aehngM naF seeM
"Well, it was you yourself. [That’s who it was]."
น้องหมวยน่ะเหรอ สอบได้
naawngH muayR naF ruuhrR saawpL daiF
"Did little Muay really pass the exam? [You are talking about her, right?]"
manM jaL thuukL huaaR dtuaaM aehngM naF naaM
"Why, you might hit yourself in the head with it. [You do see what I mean]."
คุณน่ะแหละ ชอบทำเสียงดังนัก
khoonM naF laeL chaawpF thamM siiangR dangM nakH
"You really like to make a lot of noise. [I see that you’re the one who does it]."
gaawF khaoR ruuH jakL ganM yuuL laaeoH neeF naaM
"But they already know each other. [I mean to point this out for your notice]."
gaawF manM jaL thuukL graL johkL neeF naaM
"Well, you might hit the window with it. [Oh, don’t you see?]"
gaawF maiF meeM khraiM chuaanM diL chanR neeF khaF
"Well, no one invited me. [So that’s why I’m not going]."
อ้าว! ทำไมใส่แบบเกาหลีมาอีกล่ะ ไหน บอกว่าไม่ชอบไง
aaoF thamM maiM saiL baaepL gaoM leeR maaM eekL laF naiR baawkL waaF maiF chaawpF ngaiM
"Why on earth are you wearing [that] Korean outfit again? [I thought] you said you didn’t like it!’ [What you said explains my asking.]"
ฉันซื้อเสื้อท่อนบนมาตัวหนึ่ง เหมือนกับของเธอ นี่ไง
chanR seuuH seuuaF thaawnF bohnM maaM dtuaaM neungL meuuanR gapL khaawngR thuuhrM neeF ngaiM
"I bought a new blouse-top, just like yours. This is it."
น้ำต้มจากรากของต้นไม้ ที่เพื่อนของเขานำมาขายให้เขาเป็นยารักษาอาการปวดเอว น้ำต้มก็จริงอยู่ แต่มันมีการตกตะกอนของรากต้นไม้ไง
naamH dtohmF jaakL raakF khaawngR dtohnF maaiH theeF pheuuanF khaawngR khaoR namM maaM khaaiR haiF khaoR bpenM yaaM rakH saaR aaM gaanM bpuaatL aayoM naamH dtohmF gaawF jingM yuuL dtaaeL manM meeM gaanM dtohkL dtaL gaawnM khaawngR raakF dtohnF maaiH ngaiM
"It was water boiled with tree roots, which a friend of his had sold him as a medication to treat his lower-back pain. The water was boiled, all right, but it contained the sediment of the tree roots, you see. [That’s how it was]."
phohmR pheerngF seuuH khaawmM baaepL no:htH bookH maaM faakL khreuuangF neungL naeF
"I just bought a laptop for you. [Surprise!]."
chaL bapL diaaoL niaF ruuhrR
"Just the one copy? [That’s all?]."
bpaiM naiR ganM niaF
"Where’s he going?! [It seems strange that he should be going that way]." or "Where do you think you’re going?"
imL laaeoH laH seeM
"Now you must be full!"
khoonM jaL bpaiM laH ruuhrR
"[So,] are you going now? [Seems you weren’t just a minute ago.]"
เอาละ พอเท่านี้ก่อน
aoM laH phaawM thaoF neeH gaawnL
"All right, then. This will be enough for now – for the time being."
ถ้ายังงั้น ฉันจะไม่ไปละ
thaaF yangM nganH chanR jaL maiF bpaiM laH
"In that case, I won’t go, then."
diL chanR dtawngF bpaiM gaawnL laH naH
"I’d better be going, now, OK?"
henR jaL maakF bpaiM laH mangH
"Maybe it’s too much already."
khoonM maiF khaoF jaiM reuuR
"You do not understand? [Don't you understand?]."
thaanM gaaM faaeM eekL maiH
"Will you have some more coffee? [Subjective response sought]."
thaanM gaaM faaeM eekL reuuR
"You’re having more coffee, oh are you? [Objective response sought]"
jaoF laawnL suayR maiH
"Is she pretty? [Do you think so?]."
jaoF laawnL suayR reuuR
"Is she pretty? [Is she actually, as a matter of fact?]."
khoonM chaawpF bpenM thaH haanR maiR
"Do you like [the whole idea of] being in the military? [Does it appeal to you?]." "Would you like to join the military?"
khoonM chaawpF bpenM thaH haanR reuuR
"‘Do you [actually] like being in the military? [Is this something you really like?]."
khaoR duuM nangR seuuR duayF ganM maiR
"Are they studying together? [Are they doing it as a matter of choice – are they cool with the idea?]." "Do they study together? [Do they like to, prefer to?]
khaoR duuM nangR seuuR duayF ganM reuuR
"Did they study together? [Did they actually?]" or "Are they going to be studying together?’ [Have they been or are they now scheduled to?]
ฉันซื้อกระโปรงนี่มาฝาก หนูชอบมั้ยล่ะ
chanR seuuH graL bpro:hngM neeF maaM faakL nuuR chaawpF maiH laF
"I bought you this skirt – do you like it? [How about it – do you?]."
ฉันซื้อกระโปรงนี่มาฝากพี่พิกุล เธอชอบมั้ยนะ
chanR seuuH graL bpro:hngM neeF maaM faakL pheeF phiH goonM thuuhrM chaawpF maiH naH
"I bought this skirt for [big-sister] Phikun – will she like it? [Do you suppose she will?]."
khaoR dtawngF gaanM aL raiM
"What do they want?"
khaoR dtawngF gaanM aL raiM maiR
"Do they want something?" or "Do they want anything?"
raoM bpaiM ganM thuhL
"Let’s go."
สายแล้ว ไปกันเถอะน่ะ
saaiR laaeoH bpaiM ganM thuhL naF
"It’s late. Let’s get going."
khoonM ginM saH thuhL
"Go ahead and eat it up. [Oh, go ahead, insofar as you know you want to]."
กินซะ เถอะซี่
ginM saH thuhL seeF
"Please go ahead and eat it! [After all, you know you should]."
khoonM baengL haiF phohmR theuuR mangF thuhL
"Why don’t you let me carry some of them?"
จงกินเสียเถิด เพราะนี่คือร่างกายของเรา
johngM ginM siiaR theertL phrawH neeF kheuuM raangF gaaiM khaawngR raoM
"Eat it, for this is my body." (Mt 26: 26)."
yangM nganH reuuR
"Is that so?"
rohtH khanM nanH ruuhrR
"That car?"
thoomF yeeF sipL reuH khaH
"Twenty after seven?"
laawnL cheuuF wiH phaaM ruuhrR khaH
"Her name is Wipa??"
จริง ๆ เอ๋อ
jingM jingM uuhrR
มีหรือ จิงโจ้จะยืนเขย่งได้
meeM reuuR jingM jo:hF jaL yeuunM khaL yengL daiF
"Is there such a thing as a kangaroo that can stand on tiptoes?"
khaoR bpaiM laaeoH ruuhrR
"Have they gone already?"
thuuhrM yangM maiF ginM reuuR
"You haven’t eaten yet?"
thuuhrM ginM laaeoH reuH yangM
"Did you eat yet?" or "Have you eaten yet?"
khaoR jaL raawngH phlaehngM reuH yangM
"Are they singing yet?"
khaoR jaL saawmF rohtH reuH maiF
"Are they fixing the car or not?"
khaoR saawpL daiF reuH bplaaoL
"Did he pass [the test] or not?"
khaoR jaL tho:hM maaM haaR raoM reuH ngaiM
"Are they going to call us or what?"
khoonM khitH theungR chanR reuH bplaaoL
"Do you miss me?"
คุณไม่สนใจหล่อนรึไง ถึงขนาดไม่ค่อยไปคบเลย
khoonM maiF sohnR jaiM laawnL reuH ngaiM theungR khaL naatL maiF khaawyF bpaiM khohpH leeuyM
"Are you not interested in her or what – you hardly ever go see her."
khoonM maiF bpaiM watH ruuhrR khaH
"Aren’t you going to the temple?"
khaoR maiF bpaiM ro:hngM riianM ruuhrR nanF
"You mean he’s not going to school?"
mohtL waehM laaM laaeoH ruuhrR neeF
"Is the time up already?!"
saL watL deeM saH seeM
"Say, 'Hello'!"
cheernM nangF siH khaF
"Please have a seat!"
bpaiM saH naawyL siH
"Why don’t you go!"
bpaiM saH theeM
"Go on, go."
maaM duuM aL raiM neeF seeM
"Come look at something here!"
yaaL bpaiM naiR seeM
"Don’t go anywhere [now]."
ถ้ายังงั้น ฉันก็ไม่ได้ไปไหนสิ
thaaF yangM nganH chanR gaawF maiF daiF bpaiM naiR siL
"In that case, I won’t go anywhere [period]!"
phohmR maiF daiF bpaiM naiR leeuyM neeF
"[Well] I didn’t go anywhere at all!"
nanF siH khrapH
"That’s exactly it."; "That’s just it."
จะไป ก็ไปสิ
jaL bpaiM gaawF bpaiM siL
"If you’re going, then go right ahead."
meeM seeF
"Of course there are [some]!"
ดีซิค่ะ ทำไมจะไม่ดี
deeM siH khaF thamM maiM jaL maiF deeM
"Sure it’s good! Why wouldn’t it be good?"
yaaL bpaiM naaM
"Oh, don’t go, OK?’ [Oh, won’t you reconsider?]."
yaaL bpaiM naiR naH
"[Please] don’t go anywhere, OK?’ [I‘m hoping you won’t go away someplace]."
phohmR maiF daiF bpaiM naiR leeuyM naH
"I didn’t go anywhere at all, did I?"
ผมไม่ได้ไปไหนเลย ใช่ไหมล่ะ
phohmR maiF daiF bpaiM naiR leeuyM chaiF maiH laF
"I didn’t go anywhere at all, did I?!!’ [Well, how about it — did I??!!]."
bpaiM thuhL naaF
"Oh, go ahead... go."
บอกแล้วน่ะนา ไม่เชื่อ
baawkL laaeoH naF naaM maiF cheuuaF
"I did tell you already, did I not, only to have you not believe me?"
บอกแล้วนี่นะคะ ไม่เชื่อ
baawkL laaeoH neeF naH khaH maiF cheuuaF
"This is what I told you, was it not, only to have you not believe me?"
bpaiM thaangM naiR naH khrapH
"Which way is it that you are going?"
thamM maiM naH
"I wonder why that is."
khaoR maawngM henR maiH naH
"Do you think he can see it?"
khaoR maawngM henR maiH
"Can he see it?"
laaM theeM laH naH
"Goodbye, now."
สายแล้ว ไปกันเถอะน่ะ
saaiR laaeoH bpaiM ganM thuhL naF
"It’s late. Let’s get going, OK?"
gengL jingM naH
"That’s really clever, isn’t it?"
jaL thamM aL raiM naawR
"What is to be done?"; "What am I [or are we, are you...] going to do, [I wonder]?"
khraiM naawR
"Who would it be?"
thamM maiM naawR
"Why is that?"
เต็มใจมั้ยหนอ โอบอุ้มฉันไปขึ้นบันได
dtemM jaiM maiH naawR o:hpL oomF chanR bpaiM kheunF banM daiM
"Think you might be willing to lift me up [in your arms and run me up] the stairs?"
manM dtohkL khaangH theeF theeF thamM gaanM bpraiM saL neeM theeF bpaL thoomM thaaM neeM nanF laeL
"It’s deadlocked at the post office in Pathum Thani, no doubt. [I’ll bet that’s where it is]."
นั่นแหล่ ผมบอกแล้วมั้ยล่ะ
nanF laaeL phohmR baawkL laaeoH maiH laF
"That’s just it! Didn’t I tell you so?!"
คุณนิ่แหละค่ะ ชอบทำเสียงดังนัก
khoonM niF laeL khaF chaawpF thamM siiangR dangM nakH
"You’re the one who loves making all that noise. [You need to realize that you are the one.]"
phohmR maiF daiF bpaiM naiR leeuyM laF
"I didn’t go anywhere at all!"
นี่เออะจ้ะ จะให้หนูใส่ไป
neeF uhL jaF jaL haiF nuuR saiL bpaiM
"This is the one I want you to wear."
thaoF nanH uhL
"Just that amount"; "That’s all, now." [There! That’s just how much it needs to be]."
jingM naF laeL khrapH
"That’s right! [Now I get it!]."
thamM maiM chaaH nakH laF
"Why are you so late?!"
thamM maiM chaaH nakH laH khrapH
"Why are you so late?"
laaeoH chanR jaL bpaiM thaangM naiR laH khaH
"Well, which way should I go?!"
thamM maiM laF khrapH
"Why is that?!"
henR maiH laoF
"Do you see it?!’ [Well, do you?!]."
imL laaeoH laH seeM chaiF maiH laF
"You must be full now, aren’t you?!"
yaaL bpaiM naiR laF
"Don’t go anywhere! [You heard me!]."
phohmR jaL bpenM saehtL theeR meuuaF raiL laoF
"When would I ever>/u> be a rich guy?!"
phohmR jaL bpaiM daiF yangM ngaiM ganM laaF
"How the hell would I ever be able to get there?!!"
นั่นไงล่ะ ลูกจ้างผู้หญิงคนใหม่
nanF ngaiM laF luukF jaangF phuuF yingR khohnM maiL
"There she is — the new female employee! [Wow! Isn’t she something?!]."
henR jaL maakF bpaiM laH mangM
"It (seems it) may be a little too much."
คิดว่า หล่อนจะชอบมั้ง
khitH waaF laawnL jaL chaawpF mangH
"Do you think she might like it?"
นี่คงใช่ ละมั้งค่ะนี่
neeF khohngM chaiF laH mangH khaF neeF
"This must be the right one, all right."
khaoR thaaF jaL meeM thooH raH laH mangH
"I guess he must be busy."
ผมจะเอาไวน์ อีกบ้าง
phohmR jaL aoM waiM eekL baangF
"I would like some more wine."
chanR yaakL jaL bpaiM haaM waaiM mangF siH
"I would like to go to Hawaii sometime."
เธอซิยะ กระซิบกระซาบมาทั้งคืนน่ะ ฉันไม่คุยกระซิบย่ะ
thuuhrM siH yaH graL sipH graL saapF maaM thangH kheuunM naF chanR maiF khuyM graL sipH yaF
"You... You’ve been whispering all night long... I don't chat in whispers!"
thamM aL raiM waH
"What are you doing?!"
wanM neeH raoM jaL ginM aL raiM deeM eeuyM
"I wonder what we're going to eat today?"
แหม แต่งตัวสวยจริง จะไปไหนเอย
maaeR dtaengL dtuaaM suayR jingM jaL bpaiM naiR eeuyM
"Say, you’re really gorgeous, [the way] you’re all dressed up! Where are you going?"
ฉันบอกให้ต้มน้ำทุกเช้า ทำไมนะเออ ไม่รู้จักจำ
chanR baawkL haiF dtohmF naamH thookH chaaoH thamM maiM naH uuhrM maiF ruuH jakL jamM
"I told you to boil water every morning! Why is it you never remember?!"

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