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ศาสนา ปรัชญาและ ความเชื่อ » ศาสนา » พระพุทธศาสนา
Religion, Philosophy, and Spiritualism » Religion » Buddhism

กฎนิคหกรรมgohtL nikH khaH haL gamMpenal code for Buddhist monks
gohtL nikH khaH haL gamM bpenM wiH theeM gamM lohngM tho:htF phikH sooL dtaamM phraH thamM maH wiH naiM pheuuaF haiF khetL laapL
"The ecclesiastic legal system is a way of imposing punishment on monks in accordance with the rules of Buddhist discipline so that they might be chastened and absolved."
กฐิน gaL thinRKathin, the ceremonial presentation of robes to Buddhist monks, usually falling in November
กรรมเก่าgamM gaoLone's past deeds; sins of one's prior life
กรรมฐานgamM maH thaanR[usually preceded by นั่ง  (to sit) or วิปัสสนา  (spiritual contemplation)] Karmasthana or Buddhist meditation, which is a mode of Buddhist meditation leading to a thorough tranquility of mind
กรรมนิยมgamM maH niH yohmMKammatic Buddhism
กราบไหว้graapL waiFto prostrate oneself as a sign of religious respect
กฤษฎาภินิหารgritL saL daaM phiH niH haanRpower of accumulated merit
กลดglohtL[Royal and Buddhist term] a long-handled umbrella
กลับชาติมาเกิดglapL chaatF maaM geertLto reincarnate
กสิณ gaL sinRone of the ten objects or elements used as a means of focusing one's mind in practicing สมถกรรมฐาน (a type of Buddhist meditation)
กามคุณgaamM maH khoonMthe five sensual desires
กามตัณหาgaamM maH dtanM haaRcraving for sexual pleasure
กามภพgaamM maH phohpH[Buddhism] the World of the sensual ones or the beings with Karma
กามโลกgaamM maH lo:hkF[Buddhism] the world of sensual pleasures
กามวิตกgaamM wiH dtohkL[Buddhism] thoughts of sexual pleasures
กามาวจรgaaM maaM waH jaawnMbelonging to the sphere of the senses
กาเมสุมิจฉาจารgaaM maehM sooL mitH chaaR jaanMsexual misconduct
การเปรียญgaanM bpaL riianMthe study of Buddhist theology
การุญgaaM roonMkindliness; compassion; mercy
ผ้ากาสาวพัสตร์phaaF gaaM saaR waH phatHyellow or orange robe worn by a Buddhist monk
เกี่ยวกับโบสถ์giaaoL gapL bo:htLecclesiastical
เกี่ยวกับพระgiaaoL gapL phraHclerical
เกี่ยวกับสงฆ์giaaoL gapL sohngRecclesiastical
ขอขมาศพkhaawR khaL maaM sohpLto ask forgiveness from a deceased person
ขอนมัสการkhaawR naH matH saL gaanMto make a request of or invite a Buddhist monk
การเข้าฌานgaanM khaoF chaanMthe practice of meditation
เข้าฌานkhaoF chaanMto sit in meditation; to meditate
เขาพระสุเมรุkhaoR phraH sooL maehM rooHMount Meru
คนดิบkhohnM dipLa male Buddhist who has not yet entered monkhood
คนพุทธkhohnM phootHa Buddhist (person)
ความปรวนแปรแตกสลายkhwaamM bpruaanM bpraaeM dtaaekL saL laaiRimpermanence
ความเป็นทุกข์khwaamM bpenM thookHsuffering
ความมิใช่ตัวตนkhwaamM miH chaiF dtuaaM dtohnMbeing not oneself; not-self
ความไม่เที่ยงkhwaamM maiF thiiangFimpermanence
ความไม่แน่นอนkhwaamM maiF naaeF naawnMimpermanence; uncertainty
khwaamM laH aaiM laeH graehngM gluaaM dtaawL baapL
conscience; moral sense; scruples; sense of right and wrong
คามวาสีkhaamM maH waaM seeRmonk who resides in a temple in a town or village
คุณธรรมkhoonM naH thamMgood; moral goodness; virtue; merit
เคร่งศาสนาkhrengF saatL saL naaR[is] pious; religious; devotional; devout
ฆราวาส khaH raaM waatFlayman; laity; lay; life in the world; householder; nonclerical; nonreligious
เงินบาปngernM baapLmoney obtained through illigitimate means
จิตตภาวนาjitL dtaL phaaoM waH naaMcultivation of the heart; emotional development
จิตตะjitL dtaLawareness; consciousness; attentiveness
จิตตานุปัสสนาjitL dtaaM nooH bpatL saL naaMcontemplation of the various states of mind; mindfulness of various states of mind
จีวร jeeM waawnMa Buddhist monk's robe
เจดีย์ทรายjaehM deeM saaiMsand stupa
เจ้าคณะjaoF khaH naHdean of monks (at a geographic level)
เจ้าคณะอำเภอjaoF khaH naH amM phuuhrMmonk in a leadership position at the district level
jaoF chaaiM sitL thaaM raH thaL kho:hM daL maH
Prince Siddhartha Gautama, the original name of the Lord Buddha
ช่วงวินาทีนั้นถ้าผมได้ตายเพราะเวรกรรมในชาติก่อน ก็ไม่เป็นไร
chuaangF wiH naaM theeM nanH thaaF phohmR daiF dtaaiM phrawH waehnM gamM naiM chaatF gaawnL gaawF maiF bpenM raiM
"If at that moment I die due to a sin in my prior life, well, I accept my fate."
ชาติก่อนchaatF gaawnLa previous life [before reincarnation]; former existence
ชาวพุทธchaaoM phootH[colloquial term] a Buddhist (person)
ชำระพระไตรปิฎกchamM raH phraH dtraiM bpiL dohkLto revise, amend and clarify พระไตรปิฎก (the Tripitaka)
ชุกชีchookH gaL cheeMmasonry base for a principal Buddha image
เชษฐบุรุษchaehtF thaH booL rootHelder statesman; respected elder
ฌานchaanMDhyana; meditation; thought; concentration of mind; one-pointed meditation
ฌานสมาบัติchaanM saL maaM batLmindfully profound trance
ฌาปนกิจ chaaM bpaL naH gitLcremation
ฌาปนสถาน chaaM bpaL naH saL thaanRa crematorium
ญาณทัสนะyaanM thatH saL naHintuition; enlightened foresight
ตรีปิฎกdtreeM bpiL dohkLan alteration of พระไตรปิฎก
ต้องอาบัติdtawngF aaM batLto commit an offence under Buddist rules
ตักบาตรdtakL baatLto present food to a monk or Buddhist priest
ตักบาตรเทโวdtakL baatL thaehM wo:hMcelebration at the end of Phansaa, Buddhist lent, rainy season
ตั้งจิตอธิษฐานdtangF jitL aL thitH thaanRto make a wish (in a religious context)
ตันตระdtanM dtraLTantric Buddhism
ตามรอยพระพุทธเจ้าdtaamM raawyM phraH phootH thaH jaoFfollowing the path of the Buddha
ตาลปัตรdtaaM laH bpatLa monk’s ceremonial fan
โต๊ะหมู่บูชาdtoH muuL buuM chaaMset of altar tables [used in Buddhist ceremonies]
พระไตรปิฎกphraH dtraiM bpiL dohkL[formal term] the Pali cannon or Tripitaka—a collection of scriptures, originally recorded from oral traditions in the 1st century B.C., divided into one of three parts (ปิฎก  [Pitaka]): sermons (Sutta Pitaka), the rules of the Buddhist order (Vinaya Pitaka), and several treatises on philosophy and psychology (Abhidhamma Pitaka)
ไตรปิฎกdtraiM bpiL dohkLthe Tripitaka; three-part Buddhist teachings
ไตรลักษณ์dtraiM lakHthree general characteristics of existence
ไตรสรณคมน์dtraiM saL raH naH khohmMThreefold Buddhist Guides: พระพุทธ, พระธรรม, พระสงฆ์ 
ถือศีลtheuuR seenRto observe Buddhist precepts
เถรวาทthaehR raH waatFTheravada Buddhism; Hinayana, the vehicle of Buddhism practiced in Thailand, Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka
เถรวาทthaehR raH waatFthe doctrine of the elders; the teachings of the elders
เถระthaehR raHsenior monk
ทศชาติชาดกthohtH saL chaatF chaaM dohkLthe story of the ten rebirths of the Buddha
ทองคำเปลวthaawngM khamM bplaayoMgold leaf; gold foil
ทอดผ้าป่าthaawtF phaaF bpaaLto offer robes to monks during the กฐิน  festival
ทะไลลามะthaH laiM laaM maHDalai Lama
ทางฆราวาสthaangM khaH raaM waatFsecular; profane; civil; earthly; lay; nonspiritual; temporal
ทางธรรมthaangM thamM maHthe religious path; the clerical way; ecclesiastical; ministerial; priestly
ทางโลกthaangM lo:hkFworldly; secular; earthly; material; temporal; fleshy
ทานบารมีthaanM baaM raH meeMthe height of generosity
ทายกthaaM yohkH[male] donor; grantor; patron
ทายิกาthaaM yiH gaaM[female] donor; grantor; patron
ท้าวสันดุสิตเทวราชthaaoH sanR dooL sitL thaehM waH raatFthe presiding bodhisattva angel in the Dusit level of heaven
ทำวัตรเช้าthamM watH chaaoHBuddhist monk’s morning recitations
ทำสมาธิthamM saL maaM thiHto meditate
ทิฏฐธัมมิกัตถะthitH thaL thamM miH gatL thaLobtainable benefits in the here and now; the good to be won in this lifetime; temporal benefits
ทุกกังthookH gangM[Pali] creating suffering
ทุกข์ thookHsuffering; sorrow; distress; adversity; trouble; anxiety; pain; first of the Four Noble Truths
ทุกขนิโรธthookH khaL niH ro:htFthe cessation of suffering; extinction of suffering; the third of the Four Noble Truths
ทุกขลาภthookH khaL laapFa gain through suffering; gain through suffering; suffering windfall; hard-earned reward
ทุกขสมุทัยthookH khaL saL mooL thaiMthe cause of suffering; the second of the Four Noble Truths
thookH singL thookH yaangL manM bpenM aL nitH jangM
"Nothing is certain." "Everything is impermanent."
เทโวโรหนะthaehM wo:hM ro:hM naLThe Buddhas descent from the celestial world
เทศน์มหาชาติthaehtF maH haaR chaatFthe Mahachat story
เทศนา thaehtF saL naaMto preach; give a sermon
ธมกรกthaH maH gaL rohkHa filter; water-strainer used by monks
ธรณีสงฆ์thaawM raH neeM sohngRsacred temple grounds
พระธรรมphraH thamMthe Lord Buddha’s teachings
ธรรม thamMdharma; religious teaching; religious duty
ธรรมกถึกthamM maH gaL theukLBuddhist ordained preacher
ธรรมคุณthamM khoonMvirtue; quality of the Dhamma
ธรรมจริยาthamM maH jaL riH yaaMobservance of righteousness; religious life
ธรรมจักรthamM maH jakLthe Wheel of the Law; the wheel of Dharma
ธรรมจักษุthamM maH jakL sooLthe eye of Truth; eye of wisdom
ธรรมยาตราthamM yaatF dtraaMpilgrimage
นิกายธรรมยุตniH gaaiM thamM yootHDhammayutika Sect (of Buddhism)
ธรรมยุติกนิกายthamM maH yooH dtiL gaL niH gaaiMDhammayutika Sect (of Buddhism)
ธรรมวินัยthamM maH wiH naiMdiscipline practiced by Buddhist monks; monk's code of practice
thamM maH kheuuM yaaM khaL naanR aehkL
"The Dharma is the best medicine."
ธรรมะยามเช้าthamM maH yaamM chaaoHmorning recitation of homage to the Buddha
ธรรมาธิราชthamM maaM thiH raatFThe Supreme Dharma
ธรรมาธิษฐานthamM maaM thitH saL thaanRteaching with reference to ideas
ธรรมาสน์thamM maatFpulpit; raised preaching platform
ธรรมีกถาthamM meeM gaL thaaRBuddhist religious talk; sermon
พระธาตุ phraH thaatFa pagoda that houses the Lord Buddha's Relics
พระธาตุphraH thaatFthe Lord Buddha's Relics
ธุดงค์thooH dohngMpilgrimage; travel; wayfaring; trip
ธุดงค์thooH dohngMto live in austerity (Buddhist practice)
ธูปแพเทียนแพthuupF phaaeM thiianM phaaeMfour pair of incense sticks and candles for paying one's respect
พระนวกphraH naH waH gaLnewly ordained monk
นั่งฌานnangF chaanMto sit in meditation
นั่งทางในnangF thaangM naiMto go into a trance; sit in deep meditation
นั่งภาวนาnangF phaaM waH naaMto sit in meditation
นั่งสมาธิ nangF saL maaM thiHto sit and meditate
นาค naakFa person who is about to be ordained (บวช ) as a Buddhist priest
naanM napH gapL ganM phootH thanM daawnM
a period of time as vast as one Kalp or as the period between the death of one Buddha and the birth/appearance of another
นามรูปnaamM ruupFmind and matter [Buddhist term]
นิพพาน nipH phaanMthe Enlightenment, the Buddhist concept of Nirvana (Sanskrit) or Nibbana (Pali)
นิพพานนิยมnipH phaanM niH yohmMNibbanic Buddhism
niH yaH maH phraH seeR aaM riH
Millennium Buddhism
นิโรธniH ro:htFcomplete extinction; Nirvana
เนกขัมมะnaehkF khamR maH[Buddhism] renunciation; giving up the world; escape from sensuality; absence of greed; independence of sensual desire and pleasures; self-denial; self-abnegation
เนื้อนาบุญneuuaH naaM boonMa priest worthy of attaining merit
บทสวดbohtL suaatLprayer; chapter or verse of prayer
บทสวดมนต์bohtL suaatL mohnMchant, prayer, mantra [especially in Buddhism]
บรรพชิตbapL chitHpriest; monk; clergyman
บรรลุนิพพานbanM looH nipH phaanMto reach Nirvana
บริขารbaawM riH khaanRnecessary articles required by a Buddhist monk
นักบวชnakH buaatLascetic; clergyman; priest; hermit
บาตร baatLthe bowl carried by a Buddhist monk or priest; almsbowl
บารมี baaM raH meeM[Buddhism] ordinary perfection
บิณฑบาต binM thaH baatLalms; food offerings received by a Buddhist monk
บุญเก่าboonM gaoLformer merit; merit earned in a prior life
บุญญาธิการboonM yaaM thiH gaanMpower as a result of accumulated merit
บุญญานุภาพboonM yaaM nooH phaapFpower as a result of accumulated merit
บุญบารมีboonM baaM raH meeMmerit; accumulated merit; goodness
บุพเพสันนิวาสboopL phaehM sanR niH waatF[a Buddhist belief derived from Brahman idea] the state of a person believed to be living together with another in his or her previous existences; fated to be together as a loving couple
ใบเสมาbaiM saehR maaMstone markers around the area of a Buddhist temple
ปฏิฆะbpaL dtiL khaHrepulsion, anger, grudge
ปฏิจจสมุปบาทbpaL dtitL jaL saL mooH bpaL baatLDependent origination; conditioned arising
ปฏิบัติธรรมbpaL dtiL batL thamMto practice dharma
ผู้ปฏิบัติธรรมphuuF bpaL dtiL batL thamMa person who practices the teachings of the Buddha
ปฐวี bpaL thaL weeMthe scripture of the life of Buddha
ปรมัตถ์bpaL raH matHthe absolute truth; the ultimate reality
ปรมัตถธรรมbpaL raH matH thaL thamMtruth; reality
ปรมัตถบารมีbpaL raH matH thaL baaM raH meeM[Buddhism] supreme prefection
ปรมาภิเษกbpaL raH maaM phiH saehkLthe enlightenment of the Buddha
ปรโลกbpaawM raH lo:hkFnext world; the hereafter
ปรินิพพานbpaL riH nipH phaanMthe Lord Buddha's death; extinction; Nirvana; release from existence and Samsara through the extinction of lust
ปริยัติธรรมbpaL riH yatH dtiL thamMthe Tripitaka, a Buddhist canon of scriptures
bplohngM phraH chohnM maaM yooH sangR khaanR
the prediction of Buddha's death in advance
ปลงอาบัติbplohngM aaM batLto confess and atone for a violation of Buddhist rules
ปลงอายุสังขารbplohngM aaM yooH sangR khaanRto pass away; termination of one's bodily functions
ปัจจัยสี่bpatL jaiM seeLthe four necessities of life (Buddhism)
ปัสสาสะbpatL saaR saLexhaling; breathing out
ปาง bpaangMa style or posture of a Buddha image
ปางลีลาbpaangM leeM laaMa Buddha image in the walking posture
ปาฏิหาริย์ bpaaM dtiL haanRmiracle; magic; portent; supernatural or paranormal power (including events and perceptions)
ปาณาติบาตbpaaM naaM dtiL baatLdestruction of life
ปาติโมกข์bpaaM dtiL mo:hkFcode of principles for monks
ปาราชิกbpaaM raaM chikHa Buddhist monk who committed the gravest transgression of the rules
ปาราชีกbpaaM raaM cheekFan offense which when committed by a monk results in expulsion from the monkhood; a major offense
ปิฎก bpiL dohkLa collection of writings; a section of the Lord Buddha's teachings
ปุถุชน bpooL thooL chohnMordinary person or people; commoner; layman; nonclerical; nonreligious
เปรียญbpaL riianMa graduate in Pali studies
เปรียญbpaL riianMto study Buddhist theology
โปรดสัตว์bpro:htL satLto have compassion toward all beings; (of a monk) to receive merit-making food offerings
ไปไม่กลับ หลับไม่ตื่น ฟื้นไม่มี หนีไม่พ้น
bpaiM maiF glapL lapL maiF dteuunL feuunH maiF meeM neeR maiF phohnH
"To go, ne’er to return; to sleep ne’er to wake; no resurrection; no escape."
ผัสสะหกphatL saL hohkL[Buddhism] the six senses
ฝึกสติfeukL saL dtiLto practice mindfulness
พ้นจากโลกphohnH jaakL lo:hkFreligious; clerical; ecclesiastical; ministerial; priestly
พ้นวิสัยโลกphohnH wiH saiR lo:hkFreligious; clerical; ecclesiastical; ministerial; priestly; ethical
พยาบาทวิตกphaH yaaM baatL wiH dtohkLthoughts full of hatred or ill-will; malevolent thoughts
พรหมเรขาphrohmM raehM khaaR[a Buddhist belief derived from Brahman idea] fate; destiny; the state of being preordained by fate or a divine power
พรหมลิขิตphrohmM liH khitLfate predestined (by Lord Brahma); fate, destiny, predestination
พรหมวิหารphrohmM maH wiH haanRfour principles virtuous existence; sublime states of mind
พระ  phraHpriest; minister; cleric; monk; padre; god; Buddha image
พระกัสสปพุทธเจ้าphraH gatL saL bpaL phootH thaH jaoFKassapa Buddha
พระแก้วมรกตphraH gaaeoF maawM raH gohtLthe Emerald Buddha Image
พระพุทธคุณphraH phootH thaH khoonMvirtues of the Buddha
พระพุทธเจ้าphraH phootH thaH jaoF[short colloquial term] the Lord Buddha
พระพุทธบาทphraH phootH baatLthe foot of the Buddha
พระพุทธรูปphraH phooH thohtH thaH ruupFBuddha image; statue of the Buddha
พุทธรูป phootH thaH ruupFBuddha image or statue
พระพุทธศาสนาphraH phootH thaH saatL saL naaR[formal term] Buddhism
พระพุทธองค์phraH phootH thaH ohngMThe Lord Buddha
พระรัตนตรัย phraH ratH dtaL naH dtraiMThe Triple Gem
พระสังฆราชphraH sangR khaH raatFBuddhist supreme patriarch
สมเด็จพระสังฆราชsohmR detL phraH sangR khaH raatFtitle of the Thai Buddhist Supreme Patriach
พระสัมมาสัมพุทธเจ้าphraH samR maaM samR phootH jaoFThe Lord Buddha
พระอรหันต์phraH aL raH hanRa Buddhist saint; an exemplary Buddhist monk
พระอวโลกิเตศวรโพธิสัตว์phraH aL waH lo:hM giL dtaehtL waH raH pho:hM thiH satLAvalokiteśvara, The Bodhisattva of Compassion
พิธีกรรมนิยมphiH theeM gamM niH yohmMApotropaic Buddhism
พระพุทธphraH phootHBuddha
พุทธ phootHBuddha
พุทธกาลphootH thaH gaanMthe era of the lifetime of the Buddha
พระพุทธโคดมphraH phootH thaH kho:hM daL maHBuddha Gautama, one of the Lord Buddha’s names
พุทธตันตระphootH thaH dtanM dtraLTantric Buddhism
พุทธเถรวาทphootH thaH thaehR raH waatFTheravada Buddhism
พุทธทาสphootH thaH thaatFBuddhadasa
พุทธทาสภิกขุphootH thaH thaatF phikH khooLBuddhadasa Bhikkhu
พุทธธรรมphootH thaH thamMBuddhist teachings; Buddhist moral code
พุทธบริษัทphootH thaH baawM riH satLa Buddhist adherent
พุทธบูชาphootH thaH buuM chaaMofferings to the Buddha
พุทธบูชาphootH thaH buuM chaaMto hold a Buddhist religious service
พุทธพจน์phootH thaH phohtHwords of the Buddha; writings of the Buddha
พุทธศาสตร์phootH thaH saatLBuddhism; the study of Buddhism
พุทธองค์phootH thaH ohngMThe Buddha
phootH thaH saaR saL nikH gaL chohnM
[formal term] a Buddhist (person)
พุทธานุสติphootH thaaM nootH saL dtiLRecollections of the Buddha; mindfulness of the Buddha
เพ่งกสิณphengF gaL sinRto gaze or stare steadily at กสิณ  [see Notes]
เพศพระภิกษุphaehtF phraH phikH sooLmonkhood; priesthood; clergy
โพชฌงค์pho:htF chohngMenlightenment factors
พระโพธิญาณphraH pho:hM thiH yaanMBuddhist enlightenment
ไฟประลัยกัลป์faiM bpraL laiM ganMholocaust; doomsday; armageddon
ภพ phohpHbirth; existence; being; origin; birth; life
ภิกษุสงฆ์phikH sooL sohngRBuddhist monk
เภสัช phaehM satLseven day tonics [for monks],
เภสัช phaehM satLmedicine; pertaining to medicine; [diminutive] druggist
มรณสติmaawM raH naH saL dtiLthe perception of death; emotions surrounding death; contemplating death
มรรค makHthe Buddhist way, the right path, a noble truth of Buddhism; the fourth of the Four Noble Truths
มรรคนายกmakH khaH naaM yohkHa liaison (to goodness or truth); a temple lay official
มรรคแปดmakH bpaaetLEightfold Path [in Buddhist teaching]
มรรคมีองค์แปดmakH meeM ohngM bpaaetLNoble eightfold path [in Buddhist teaching]
มฤคทายวันmaH reukH khaH thaaM yaH wanMMarukathayawan; the deer park where the Buddha first preached
maH haaR thaehR raH saL maaM khohmM
Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand
มหานิกายmaH haaR niH gaaiMMaha Nikai Sect (of Buddhism)
มหาภิเนษกรมณ์maH haaR phiH naehtF grohmMfirst ordination of Buddha
มหายาน maH haaR yaanMMahayana, a sect of Buddhism
มังสวิรัติmangM saL wiH ratHvegetarianism; veganism
matH chiH maaM bpaL dtipL bpaL thaaM
The Middle Path (in Buddhism)
มิจฉาทิฐิmitH chaaR thiH thiLmistaken notion; dogmatic; die-hard; wrong idea or concept; misconception
มีศีลธรรมจรรยาmeeM seenR laH thamM janM yaaM[of a person] ethical; behaving or complying with the Buddhist Precepts
มุสาวาทmooH saaR waatFa lie; false speech
ไม่เนื่องในภพทั้งสามmaiF neuuangF naiM phohpH thangH saamR[Buddhism] free from the Three Worlds (i.e. กามภพ, รูปภพ and รูปภพ) believed to cause endless cycles of การเกิด  (birth), การแก่ (old age), การเจ็บ (suffering) and การตาย (death)
โยนิโสมนสิการ yo:hM niH so:hR maH naH siL gaanManalytical reflection; proper attention; wise consideration
รอยพระพุทธบาทraawyM phraH phootH baatLthe Buddha's footprint
รักษาศีลrakH saaR seenRto observe the precepts (of Buddhism, for example)
รักษาอุโบสถศีลrakH saaR ooL bo:hM sohtL seenRto practice the eight lay commandments
รัตนตรัยratH dtaL naH dtraiMthe Triple Gem
รัตนบัลลังก์ratH dtaL naH banM langMseat on which the Buddha sat when he attained enlightenment
ราคะraaM khaHlust; sexual passion; laciviousness
ราชวรวิหารraatF chaH waawM raH wiH haanRroyal chosen temple hall
รูปภพruupF phohpH[Buddhism] the World of the the Brahma with forms (i.e. still possessing both bodies and mind). Also called สวรรค์ชั้นโสฬส
raoM jakL phiH jaaM raH naaM henR khwaamM maiF thiiangF
"We contemplate uncertainty."
ลมหายใจเข้าออกlohmM haaiR jaiM khaoF aawkLbreathing in and out
ลาเพศlaaM phaehtFto leave the monkhood
ลาสิกขาlaaM sikL khaaRto leave the monkhood; disrobe
เลื่อมใสในศาสนาleuuamF saiR naiM saatL saL naaRpious; religious; devotional; devout
โลกีย์ lo:hM geeMworldly happiness or pleasure; lust; profane
โลกียธรรมlo:hM geeM yaH thamMmundane states, mundane; in the current physical world
โลกีย์วิสัยlo:hM geeM wiH saiRworldly; earthly; worldliness
โลกุตตระ lo:hM gootL dtaL raHbeyond the worldly matters; religious; clerical; ecclesiastical; ministerial; priestly; ethical
โลกุตรธรรมlo:hM gootL dtaL raH thamMsupra-mundane states, transcendent; in the hereafter
วจีสุจริตwaH jeeM sootL jaL ritH(Buddhism) good action in speech; good conduct in words
วัฏจักรwatH dtaL jakLcycle; cycle of life
วัฏสงสารwatH dtaL sohngR saanRcycle of birth and death; cycle of life; round of rebirth; round of existences
วัด watHtemple; monastery
วันธรรมสวนะwanM thamM maH saL waH naHBuddhist Holy Day
wanM maH haL bpaL waaM raH naaM
[Day on which Buddhist monks ask forgiveness from his fellow monks. Falls on the same day as ออกพรรษา]
วันออกพรรษาwanM aawkL phanM saaRthe day that Buddhist lent ends
วินัยสงฆ์wiH naiM sohngRcode of monastic discipline
วิบากwiH baakLconsequence, result, or fruit of one's actions
วิปัสสนา wiH bpatL saL naaMmeditation; spiritual insight; contemplation; spiritual contemplation
wiH bpatL saL naaM gamM maH thaanR
Vipassana Meditation; insight meditation
วิภวตัณหาwipH phaH waH dtanM haaRcraving for non-existence
วิมุติสุขwiH mooH dtiL sookLhappiness which arises from enlightenment
วิสัย wiH saiRobject of the senses
วิสุงคามสีมาwiH soongR khaamM maH seeR maaMa land grant set apart for the Sangha of a monastery; consecrated boundaries; consecrated area; concession; a tract of land officially granted to the Sangha for establishing the boundaries of the jurisdiction of a community of monks
วิหาร wiH haanRviharn; temple; hall of image; edifice; place for preaching; priest's abode
วิหารทานการบุญwiH haanR thaanM gaanM boonMtemple constructed to make merit
วิหิงสาwiH hingR saaRcruelty
วิหิงสาวิตกwiH hingR saaR wiH dtohkLthoughts of violence or cruelty; cruel thoughts
เวไนยwaehM naiMtrainable person; teachable person; one who is ready to receive the teachings of the Buddha
เวสสันดรชาดกwaehtF sanR daawnM chaaM dohkLStory of Gautama Buddha as Vessantara
เวียนว่ายตายเกิดwiianM waaiF dtaaiM geertLcycle of birth and death
ศรัทธาปสาทะsatL thaaM bpaL saaR thaH[Buddhist term] faith and delight
พระศากยมุนีphraH saakL yaH mooH neeMa name for the Lord Buddha
ศาสนจักรsaaR saL naH jakLreligious authority
ศาสนาพุทธsaatL saL naaR phootHBuddhism
saatL saL naaR phootH yaawmM rapH thritH saL deeM gaanM wiianM waaiF dtaaiM geertL yaawmM rapH khwaamM meeM chaatF naaF chaatF gaawnL
"Buddhism accepts the theory of the cycle of birth and death and the fact of subsequent and previous lives."
ศิษยานุศิษย์sitL saL yaaM nooH sitLall of one’s students, past and present; students who revere a particular teacher or professor; disciples
พระสงฆ์ phraH sohngRmonk
สงฆ์ sohngRclergyman; priest; monk
สติรู้ผิดรู้ชอบsaL dtiL ruuH phitL ruuH chaawpFconscience
สติสัมปชัญญะsaL dtiL samR bpaL chanM yaHsense; conscience; mindfulnessl awareness
สถานปฏิบัติธรรมsaL thaanR bpaL dtiL batL thamMBuddhist retreat center; a place to practice the Dharma or meditation
สบงsaL bohngMa monk’s lower garment
สมณ saL maH naHpriest; clergyman; father; deacon; rector
สมณทูตsaL maH naH thuutFBuddhist ambassador
สมณเพศsaL maH naH phaehtFmonkhood; priesthood; clergy
สมณศักดิ์saL maH naH sakLecclesiastical title for a Buddhist Monk
สมถ saL maH thaLto lead a simple life; be content with what one has
สมถกรรมฐานsaL maH thaL gamM maH thaanRthe Buddhist meditation
สมมุติ sohmR mootHconvention; agreement; consent; authorization; appointment; election.
สมาบัติ saL maaM batLecstatic meditation, the attainment of pure exaltation through deep meditation
สมุทัย saL mooL thaiMcause; origin; source; place of origination
สวรรค์ชั้นโสฬสsaL wanR chanH so:hR lohtHthe World or Heavenly Abode of the the Brahma with forms, having 16 classes. Also called รูปภพ
สฬายตนะsaL laaiM yaH dtaL naH[Buddhist] six sense-bases
สังขาร sangR khaanR[Buddhism] compounded things; component things; conditioned things; the world of phenomena; all things which have been made up by pre-existing causes
สังฆกรรมsangR khaH gamMa religious rite, ceremony, or service performed by monks in a temple
สังฆมณฑลsangR khaH mohnM thohnMcircle of Buddhist monks; community of monks
สังโยชน์ ตัวนี้มันมาคู่กัน คือ กามราคะ (ความยินดีในกามารมณ์) กับปฏิฆะ (ความหงุดหงิดใจ)
sangR yo:htF saawngR dtuaaM neeH manM maaM khuuF ganM kheuuM gaamM raaM khaH khwaamM yinM deeM naiM gaaM maaM rohmM gapL bpaL dtiL khaH khwaamM ngootL ngitL jaiM
"These two fetters come as a pair: lust (delight in sensuality) and anger (mental irritation)."
สัจธรรมsatL jaL thamM maH(eternal) truth; dharmic truth; truth of the dharma
สัมปรายภพsamR bpaL raaiM yaH phohpHthe afterlife; next life; hereafter
สัมมาทิฐิsamR maaM thiH thiLright views
สัมมาสังกัปปะsamR maaM sangR gapL bpaLRight Thought
สัมมาอาชีวะsamR maaM aaM cheeM waH[Buddhism] right livelihood
สากัจฉาsaaR gatL chaaRdiscussion
สามเณรsaamR maH naehnMnovitiate; novice monk
saamR maH naehnM phaakF riianM reuH duuM raawnH
summer novices; young Buddhist novice monks in summer camp
สามเณรีsaamR naehM reeMnovice nun
สายสิญจน์saaiR sinRblessed string used in Buddhist ceremonies or worn for good luck
สารีริกธาตุsaaR reeM rikH gaL thaatFrelics of the Buddha
สิทธารถะ sitL thaaM raH thaLSiddhartha, name of Buddha; Prince Gautama before he attained enlightenment
สิริมงคล siL riL mohngM khohnMluck; prosperity
พระสุตตันตปิฎกphraH sootL dtanM dtaL bpiL dohkLthe first book of Buddhist scripture, the Basket of Discourses
saL detL dapL khanR bpaL riH nipH phaanM
[used with the Lord Buddha only] to pass away; to die
เสนาสนะsaehR naaM saL naHlodging [for monks]
เสพเมถุนsaehpL maehM thoonRsexual intercourse
โสฬส so:hR lohtH[Buddhism] a collective name of the 16 classes of heaven or world of the Brahma with forms
ใส่บาตรsaiL baatLto put food into a monk's bowl; give food to a monk
หนังสือสุทธิnangR seuuR sootL thiHmonastic identification document
หน้าตักnaaF dtakLlong measure of the Buddha statue in the posture of meditation
ห่มจีวรhohmL jeeM waawnMto wear a monk’s robe; don a Buddhist monk’s robe
ห่มดองhohmL daawngMthe way to dress a robe over a Buddhist monk’s shoulders.
หลวงตาluaangR dtaaMa term of familiar address for a senior monk, one who is the age of one's grandfather
หัวหน้าคณะสงฆ์huaaR naaF khaH naH sohngRadministrative manager of monks
หิริโอตตัปปะ hiL riL o:htL dtapL bpaLconscience; sense of shame; sense of right and wrong
เหนือโลกneuuaR lo:hkFreligious; clerical; ecclesiastical; ministerial; priestly
แห่เทียนพรรษาhaaeL thiianM phanM saaRCandle Festival Parade
ไหว้  waiFwai, the respectful Thai (and Lao) gesture of thanks, apology, or greeting; to (give a) wai
อกุศลaL gooL sohnRevil ways; bad; unmeritorious; immoral; unwholesome
อกุศลกรรมaL gootL saL laH gamMevil action
ohngM sohmR detL phraH samR maaM samR phootH thaH jaoF
[the formal 3rd person pronoun used of the Lord Buddha only]
อทินนาทานaL thinM naaM thaanMtaking what is not given; theft
อนัตตาaL natH dtaaMsoul-less; non-self
อนิจจตาaL nitH jaL dtaaMimpermanence
อนิจจัง aL nitH jangM[is] transient; unstable; not lasting; impermanent
อนิจจาลักษณะaL nitL jaaM lakH saL naLimpermanence
อโนตตัปปะaL no:htF dtapL bpaLAnottappa: [Buddhism] lack of moral dread
อบายมุขaL baaiM yaH mookHall vices; allurements which lead to ruin
อภิญญา aL phinM yaaMsupernatural or paranormal or transcendental knowledge; higher education or knowledge
อภิธรรม aL phiH thamMhighest spiritual law or doctrine
พระอภิธรรมphraH aL phiH thamMa book of the Tripitaka containing the philosophic teachings of the Buddha
อภินิหาร aL phiH niH haanRthe power to perform or manifest miracle or supernatural/paranormal power; earnest wish, aspiration or determination
อรหันต์aL raH hanRone who has reached Nibbana
อรัญวาสีaL ranM yaH waaM seeRforest monk; monk who resides outside a town or village
อริยทรัพย์aL riH yaH sapHThe Seven Noble Treasures
อริยมรรคaL riH yaH makHthe Four Noble Paths
อริยสัจaL riH yaH satLNoble Truth
อริยสัจสี่aL riH yaH satL seeLThe Four Noble Truths
รูปภพaL ruupF phohpH[Buddhism] the World of the Brahma without form (i.e. possessing no bodies but minds); formless world; immaterial sphere
รูปโลกaL ruupF bpaL lo:hkF[Buddhism] the World of the Brahma without form (i.e. possessing no bodies but minds); formless world; immaterial sphere
อลัชชีaL latH cheeMimmoral monk
อวดอุตริมนุสธรรมuaatL ootL dtaL riH maH nootH saL thamMto claim to have achieved enlightenment
อวตารaL waH dtaanM[is] reincarnated
อวิชชาaL witH chaaMignorance; condition without knowledge
aL waehM jeeM maH haaR naH rohkH
deepest level of hell
อโหสิกรรมaL ho:hR siL gamMnon-existence of the consequences for sins; cancellation of penalties for all sins
ออกบวชaawkL buaatLto leave the secular world for monkhood; to ordain; to enter monkhood or priesthood
ออกพรรษาaawkL phanM saaR[The end of Buddhist Rains Retreat, occurring in September or October]
อัฐบริขารatL thaL baawM riH khaanReight necessities of a Buddhist monk
อันดับ anM dapL[religion] Buddhist priest of junior rank
อัสสาสะatL saaR saLinhaling; breathing in
อานาปานสติaaM naaM bpaaM naH saL dtiLmindfulness on breathing; mindfulness regarding breathing
อานิสงส์aaM niH sohngRresult of merit; virtue
อาบัติaaM batLan infringement of Buddhist monk's discipline
อายตนะaaM yaH dtaL naHsense organs; the six senses; sense fields
อายุสังขารaaM yooH sangR khaanR[Buddhism] constituents of life; vital principles
อาราธนาaaM raatF thaH naaMto ask for; entreat; invite (a monk); ask (a monk) for something
อาราธนาธรรมaaM raatF thaH naaM thamMto request a sermon (from a monk)
อาราธนาศีลaaM raatF thaH naaM seenRto request (a reading of) the precepts (from a monk)
อาวุโสพรรษาaaM wooH so:hR phanM saaRa monk's seniority based on number of years in the monkhood
อาสนะaatL saL naHraised platform serving as a seat for monks
อาสาฬหปุรณaaM saanR laH haL bpooL rohnMthe day Buddha was born
อิทธิฤทธิ์itL thiH ritHmight; supernatural or paranormal power, miraculous faculty
อิทัปปัจจยตาiL thapH bpatL jaL yaH dtaaMconditionality
อุตรนิกาย ootL dtaL raH niH gaaiMUttaranikaya; Mahayana sect of Buddhism
อุทธัจจะootL thatH jaL[Buddhism] restlessness
อุทิศส่วนกุศลooL thitH suaanL gooL sohnRto make merit devoted to a particular purpose
อุบาสกooL baaM sohkL(Buddhist) layman
ooL baaM sohkL ooL baaM siL gaaM
(Buddhist) laypersons
อุบาสิกาooL baaM siL gaaM(Buddhist) laywoman
อุปบารมีooL bpaL baaM raH meeM[Buddhism] second level of virtue; superior perfections
อุปปาติกะoopL bpaaM dtiL gaLauto incarnated being
อุปสมบทooL bpaL sohmR bohtLto become a monk; enter the monkhood
พระอุปัชฌาย์phraH ooL bpatL chaaMpreceptor monk; monk who ordaines another monk
วันอุโปสถwanM ooL bpo:hM sohtLBuddhist holy day
อุ้มบาตรoomF baatLto hold an alms bowl [by a monk]
เอหิภิกขุอุปสัมปทาaehM hiL phikH khooL oopL bpaL samR bpaL thaaMan ordination of a bikkhu done by Buddha himself
รัฐเถรวาทratH thaehR raH waatFBuddhist countries
phootH saatL saL naaR thaehR raH waatF
Theravada Buddhism

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