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Common Words of the Thai Language

The maroon star icon () which appears next to words throughout this website is intended to designate some of the more commonly used words in the Thai language. Beginning students may wish to focus their studies on these important and useful words. The following is a complete list of the 1176 words that are currently so designated. Click on any Thai word to explore it in more detail.

ก็gaawFalso; too; as well; well...; [suggestion] should...
ก็gaawF[a particle or conjunction that emphasizes that which follows]
กฎหมายgohtL maaiRlaw
กรgaawnMworker, laborer, doer, workman, [a suffix indicating] a person who... (does certain things), or an object that... (performs a certain function)
กรกฎาคมgaL raH gaL daaM khohmMJuly
กรมgrohmM[of government] a department
กรรมgamMdeed; kamma; karma; sin; bad karma earned
กรรมการgamM maH gaanMcommittee; board member
กระทำgraL thamMto do; make; perform; carry out; act
กระนั้นgraL nanHin that way; like that
กระจายgraL jaaiMto disperse; distribute; broadcast; spread; scatter
กระด้างgraL daangF[is] harsh; stiff; rough; coarse; crude; obstinate; rebellious; mutinous
กระดานgraL daanMboard; plank; deal
กระดานgraL daanMgame board
กระดาษgraL daatLpaper
กระดูกgraL duukLbone
กระทรวงgraL suaangMministry
กระมังgraL mangMlikely as not, perhaps, maybe, probably
กรุงgroongMcity, town, capital city
กรุงเทพฯgroongM thaehpFBangkok, a province in central Thailand, having the largest provincial population, probably around 8 million (including metropolitan areas in surrounding provinces)
กลมglohmM[is] circular; round
กลับglapLto return or go back
กลัวgluaaM[is] afraid (of); scared; frightened
กล้าglaaF[is] brave; fearless; courageous
กลางglaangMthe middle; the center
กล่าวglaaoLto speak; say; utter; tell or relate; to address; mention; declare
กว่าgwaaL[suffix used for comparisons] than; more; -er
กว้างgwaangF[is] wide; broad
กษัตริย์gaL satL[general] king
กสิกรรมgaL siL gamMagriculture
ก่อgaawLto construct; to begin to build
ก่อนgaawnLbefore; earlier; time gone by; prior to; in advance of; ahead of time; previously; formerly; initially; beforehand; firstly; first; now; ago
ก้อนgaawnFlump; chunk; small rock; clump; ball; mass
กอบgaawpLto scoop up with the hands
กะgaLto; with; also
กะgaLto estimate or guess, to reckon, plan or plot
กะgaLguess; rough estimate
กันganMtogether with
กันยายนganM yaaM yohnMSeptember
กับgapLwith; to; for
กาgaaMto make a check-mark, X or cross marks
กาgaaMteapot-kettle with a spout, tick, sign or mark set against an item
กาชาดgaaM chaatFa red cross
กางgaangMto unfurl; to open; to stretch out; to spread out
กายgaaiMbody; human body; physique
การgaanM[placed before a verb or noun to create a noun which indicates a general activity, process, or state] the process of..., the activity of..., an enactment of..., the state of... [see notes]
กำไรgamM raiMprofit; gain
กำลังgamM langM[auxiliary verb indicating the present participle, meaning "in the act of" or "in the process of", similar to the English suffix, "-ing"]
กำหนดgamM nohtLto schedule; set; limit; appoint; settle; condition; agree upon; assign; specify; define; establish
กำหนดgamM nohtLa schedule or appointment
กิจgitLerrand; duty; work; routine; affair; business
กินginMto eat or drink; consume; exploit
กิริยาgiL riH yaaMaction; manners; behavior; conduct
กิเลสgiL laehtLlust; evil wish; desire; longing; greed; avarice; rapacity
กี่geeLhow many
กุมภาพันธ์goomM phaaM phanMFebruary
กุมารgooL maanMinfant; child; boy; young lad; son; prince
กู้guuFto borrow [i.e. money] on interest
เกณฑ์gaehnMcriteria; criterion; formula; specification; standard
เก็บgepLto collect; preserve; keep; fetch; pick up (a purse, e.g.)
เกรงgraehngM[is] afraid; fearful; inspired with awe; respectful of; fearful; filled with reverence
เกลาglaoMto form into a rough shape; to trim; to clip (e.g. beard, bush)
เกล้าglaoFhead; mind
เกวียนgwiianMcart; oxcart; wagon [typically] used to transport grain
เก่าgaoL[of an object] [is] old; antique; decrepit
เก้าgaaoFnine; the number or quantity nine
เก้าอี้gaoF eeFchair
เกิดgeertLto be born; to birth; to happen
เกินgeernMto exceed; go beyond; overreach; surpass
เกียจคร้านgiiatL khraanH[is] lazy, indolent, idle, slothful, inert, inactive
เกียรติยศgiiatL dtiL yohtHhonor, prestige, fame, renown, reputation, dignity
เกี่ยวgiaaoL[is] entangled with; [is] hugging; [is] embracing
เกี่ยวgiaaoLto hitch; to link; to hook up
เกี่ยวgiaaoLto mow or harvest, reap, cut
เกี่ยวgiaaoLto concern
เกี่ยวข้องgiaaoL khaawngF[is] involved; concerned
เกือบgeuuapLalmost; nearly; close to
แกgaaeM[impolite or colloquial usage] he; him; she; her; they; them; you
แก่gaaeL[of a person or animal] [is] old; aged
แก้gaaeFto undo; remedy; mend; repair; cure; correct; counteract; rectify; quench; slake; relieve; edit
แก้วgaaeoF[general] glass; transparent or translucent object; crystal; mica
โกร่งgro:hngLapothecary's mortar
โกรธgro:htL[is] mad; angry; pissed off
ใกล้glaiF[is] near; close; close in time
ไกลglaiM[is] far; distant; far (in the future)
ขณะkhaL naLinstant; moment, a short time; occasion; juncture; hour
ขดkhohtL[is] coiled; curled up; rolled up; twisted or bent into a coil
ขดkhohtLcoil; ring; circle
ขดkhohtLto roll into a coil; to coil; to bend; to twist
ขนkhohnR[of the body, but not the head, of a human] hair
ขนาดkhaL naatLdimensions; size; measurement
ขยายkhaL yaaiRto expand; enlarge; amplify; inflate; magnify
ขวางkhwaangRto obstruct; impede; be in the way of; bar
ขว้างkhwaangFto throw; to pitch; to toss; to hurl; to cast; to fling
ขอkhaawRto ask for; to request; "I'd like..." — "May/Can I have...?"
ขอรับkhaawR rapH[very formal polite particle used by a male]
ข้อkhaawFjoint; point of intersection; articulation
ของkhaawngRof; belonging to; that or those of; [a word used with a pronoun to indicate possesion, as in "John's truck"]
ขอบkhaawpLpertaining to thanks
ขังkhangRto confine; coop up; imprison; retain; detain; cage; incarcerate
ขัดkhatLto polish; scrub; rub; abrade; burnish
ขัดkhatLto go against; to stop; to hinder; to oppose; to obstruct; to block
ขัดkhatLto latch or fasten
ขันkhanRa bowl or basin used for dipping water
ขันkhanRtwist; turn
ขันkhanRactive; energetic; vigorous; enthusiastic
ขับkhapLto drive; operate; chauffer
ขาkhaaR[of a human, chair, tripod, etc.] leg; lower extremities; legs of a pair of pants, e.g.
ขาkhaaR[a journey or trip] trip, time
ขาkhaaR[of a person] party; side; sort; type
ขาkhaaR[spoken by a female to indicate an affirmative response] "Yes"
ข้าkhaaFan attendant; servant; slave; a person under the authority of another
ข้าราชการkhaaF raatF chaH gaanMgovernment official; civil servant
ข้าศึกkhaaF seukLenemy
ข้างkhaangFtowards; in the direction of
ขาดkhaatLto miss or be absent from an event
ขาดkhaatL[is] missing a part; incomplete; fragmented
ขาดkhaatLto tear, rip or become torn or ripped asunder, to separate
ขาดkhaatLto lack; need
ขาดkhaatL[is] in short supply; not on hand; lacking; needing
ข้าพเจ้าkhaaF phaH jaoF[a first person pronoun] I, me, my [used when writing or speaking formally]
ข้ามkhaamFto cross over; pass over; step over; skip over
ข้ามkhaamFacross from; opposite
ขายkhaaiRto sell
ขาวkhaaoR[is] white
ข่าวkhaaoLnews; tidings; information received; message
ขี่kheeLto ride upon, to drive (an animal, bicycle, or motorcycle)
ขีดkheetLdraw; scratch; write
ขีดkheetL100 grams
ขีดkheetLa scratch
ขึ้นkheunFto ascend; raise; rise; go up
เขตkhaehtLboundary; border; limit; district; territory; zone; area
เขาkhaoR[3rd person singular or plural pronoun] he; she; him; her; they; them
เข้าkhaoFto enter; go in; penetrate; insert; approach; begin
เข้าหูkhaoF huuRto hear; to have heard
เขียนkhiianRto write; to draw
เขียวkhiaaoR[is] green
แขกkhaaekLvisitor; guest; foreigner
แข็งkhaengR[is] hard; solid; stiff; rigid; strong; firm; [of a swimmer] strong
แข่งkhaengLto compete; to race; to contend with; to strive for; to vie
ไขkhaiRopen; unfold; explain; unlock; tell; expand
ไขkhaiRto wind (up) or unwind; to turn
ไขkhaiRanimal fat; lard; tallow; [of human bones] marrow
ไข้khaiFfever; a temperature of the body; sickness
คณะkhaH naHcouncil; group; member; corporation
คณะkhaH naHfaculty of a college or university
คดีkhaH deeMlawsuit; legal action; case
คนkhohnMperson; guy; people; man; human being
ค้นkhohnHto search
ครบkhrohpH[is] complete; whole; every; entire; due
ครองkhraawngMto rule; to govern; to regulate by authority; to exercise or assert authority; to direct
ครองkhraawngMto occupy; to possess and enjoy the use of
ครอบครัวkhraawpF khruaaMfamily
ครั้งkhrangH[frequency] time; occasion; instance; event; occurrence
ครั้นkhranHwhen (something occurs); if (something happened)
ครับkhrapH[word added by a male speaker to the end of every sentence to convey politeness or] "yes"; "that's right"; "I see."
คราวkhraaoMoccasion; time; episode
ครึ่งkhreungFhalf; midway; mid; ½
ครูkhruuMteacher; instructor
คลองkhlaawngM[of water] a canal
คลายkhlaaiMto diminish; to unwind; to relax; to slacken; to abate; to lessen; to untwist; to unfurl; to decrease
คลุมkhloomM[is] covered (over); hidden; unclear; enveloped; blanketed (with)
ควรkhuaanM[auxiliary verb indicating] should; ought to; must
ความkhwaamM[a prefix which converts an adjective or verb into a noun]
ควายkhwaaiM[general] water buffalo
คอkhaawMneck; throat
คอยkhaawyMto wait or wait for
ค่อยkhaawyFgently; softly; little by little; gradually; cautiously
คะkhaH[word added by a female speaker to the end of every question to convey politeness]
ค่ะkhaF[word added by a female speaker to the end of every statement to convey politeness]
คับkhapH[is] tight; confined; crowded; closely packed; tight-fitting; close-fitting
ค่าkhaaFvalue; price; charge; cost; expense
ค้าkhaaHto trade; to do business; to do commerce; to barter; to buy and sell; to vend; to traffic in
คำkhamMword; term; discourse
ค่ำkhamFevening; dusk; sunset time
คิดkhitHto think, consider, imagine, expect, compute, to count, wonder
คือkheuuM[copula] to be; (conjunction used for equivalence definitions)
คุณkhoonM[singular and plural] you; your
คูkhuuMditch; moat
คูณkhuunMto multiply; mathematical multiplication; "times"
เคยkheeuyM(have you) ever; (as) before; did in the past; used to...
เคยkheeuyM[auxiliary verb] used to...; did once...
เครื่องkhreuuangFmachine; apparatus; engine; mechanical device
เคลื่อนkhleuuanFto move to another place; to move or relocate in a supervised or organized fashion
เคียงkhiiangM[is] adjoining; connected; beside; near; close together
เคืองkheuuangM[is] angry; peeved; indignant; wrathful; irate; offended; annoyed
โคมkho:hmMlamp; lantern
ใครkhraiManyone; anybody; someone; somebody; whoever
ใคร่khraiFto desire; wish; prefer
งอกngaawkFto sprout; bud; grow; shoot off
งานngaanMwork; job; duty; business; function; activity
งามngaamM[is] beautiful; pretty; attractive; gorgeous; fine; complete
ง่ายngaaiF[is] easy; not difficult; simple
เงินngernMmoney; finance; silver
เงียบngiiapF[is] quiet; peaceful; silent
โง่ngo:hF[is] stupid; silly; dumb; foolish; vain
จงjohngM[auxiliary verb used to indicate a command or order] should; ought to
จดjohtLto take note; to jot down
จดหมายjohtL maaiRpostal letter; mail; a letter
จนjohnM[most commonly used term] [is] poor; penniless; having nothing; impoverished
จบjohpLto end; to finish
จบjohpLend; finale
จมjohmMto sink; drown; submerge
จริงjingMtruthful; truthfully; really?; true; real; serious; no-nonsense; well; so
จริตjaL ritLbehavior; conduct; act (outward act)
จะjaL[auxiliary verb indicating future tense—must be used with another verb] will; shall
จักjakLto cleave, split, or serrate
จักjakL[is] serrated; notched
จักรjakLcircle; wheel; disk; discus; cycle
จังjangMgreatly; extremely; truly; fully; quite; most; very much so
จังหวัดjangM watLprovince, of which Thailand has 76
จัดjatLto adjust; arrange; fix
จัดjatL[is] strong; intense; excessive; severe [especially when speaking of the weather]
จันทร์janMthe Moon
จับjapLto arrest; catch; get a hold of; touch; capture; seize; grope
จ้างjaangFto hire; engage; employ
จ่ายjaaiLto spend; purchase; shop; disburse money; pay; distribute; allocate
จำjamMto remember; recall; memorize; retain; recognize; recollect
จำเป็นjamM bpenM[is] necessary; essential; required; to need to (do something)
จำพวกjamM phuaakFspecies; type; group
จำนวนjamM nuaanMamount; number; quantity (of countable nouns)
จิตjitLthe mind; mentality
จิตjitLof the mind; mental
จีนjeenMChina; Chinese
จึงjeungMthus; therefore; so
จูบjuupLto kiss
เจ็ดjetLseven; the number or quantity seven
เจ็บjepL[is] sore; hurt; injured; in pain; in emotional pain
เจริญjaL reernMto progress; grow; prosper; thrive; expand
เจริญjaL reernM[is] prosperous
เจ้าjaoFprince; princess; ruler; esteemed person; lord; master; holy being
เจาะjawLto puncture; to bore; to pierce; to punch a hole; to perforate
แจงjaaengMan explanation
แจ้งjaaengFto notify; advise; inform; make apparent
แจ่มjaemLclear; bright; distinct; cheerful
โจทย์jo:htLaccusation; objection
ใจjaiMheart; spirit; spiritual center or core; soul; inner being; mind
ฉบับchaL bapLtranscript; document; copy
ฉบับchaL bapLedition, copy, version, issue of a magazine or newspaper; [formal term officially endorsed by the Royal Institute] version (of software)
ฉลาดchaL laatL[is] smart; intelligent; clever
ฉะนั้นchaL nanHconsequently; thus
ฉะนี้chaL neeHconsequently; so; thus
ฉันchanR[used by females in an informal setting—also used by males with intimate friends or lovers] I, me, my
เฉพาะchaL phawH[is] specific; particular; limited; provisional
ไฉนchaL naiRwhy; wherefore
ชนchohnMto collide; to crash; bump; bump together
ชนchohnM(singular) person; (plural) people
ชนวนchaH nuaanMfuse; primer; harbinger
ชนะchaH naHto conquer; defeat; beat; win
ชนิดchaH nitHclass; sort; type; variety; category; group; kind; species; in the style of...
ชมchohmMto admire; compliment; praise; commend; extol; flatter; pay tribute to; salute; speak highly of
ชลประทานchohnM laH bpraL thaanMirrigation
ชวนchuaanMto persuade; to induce; to urge; to invite; to ask; to influence; to prevail upon; to agree
ช่วยchuayFto help; to aid; to assist; to contribute; to please
ช่องchaawngFpassage; aperature; gap; hole; lane; opening; [euphonious word for บ้าน ]
ชอบchaawpFto like; to prefer; to be pleased with; to be fond of; to admire; to be satisfied with; to be right for
ชักchakHto pull at; to discount; draw; take away; withdraw; to pull upon
ชัดchatH[is] sharp; clear; focused; concise
ชั้นchanHclass; rank; grade
ชั่วchuaaF[is] bad; evil; wicked
ชั่วโมงchuaaF mo:hngM[in time; of time] an hour (when used as a quantity)
ชัวร์chuaaM[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] sure; surely; certainly
ชาchaaM[general] tea
ช้าchaaH[is] slow
ช่างchangFengineer; artisan; mechanic; craftsman; specialist; repairman; barber
ช้างchaangHelephant; pachyderm; Elephas maximus
ชาติchaatFnational; of a nation; race; of a country
ชายหาดchaaiM haatLbeach
ชาวchaaoMfolk; people; people of
ชำนาญchamM naanM[is] experienced; skilled; expert; adroit
ชิงchingMto snatch away, to wrest away from, to contest or compete for, to vie
ชี้cheeHto point (out); to indicate a location
ชีพcheepFlife; existence; living
ชีวิตcheeM witHlife
ชื่อcheuuFname; the first name of a person; the name of a place or thing; appellation; designation; a Christian name; denomination
เช่นchenFexample; sample; specimen
เช่นchenFsuch as; for example; for instance; like; e.g.
เช่นchenFsimilar to; same as
เช้าchaaoHmorning, specifically, hours between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. or typically 9:00 a.m.
เชื่อcheuuaFto believe; to trust; to have faith in; to rely on
เชื้อcheuuaHbacteria; microbe; yeast; germ; virus
เชื้อcheuuaHflammable fuel
ใช่chaiFyes; I agree; yup; correct; right; indeed; that's so
ใช้chaiHto use, employ, exploit an object; utilize; resort to; implement
ซ่อนsaawnFto conceal or hide an item or oneself
ซ้ายsaaiHleft direction (opposite of right)
ซ้ำsamH[is] repeated; recurrent
ซ้ำsamHto repeat; to recur; to reiterate
ซิsiH[a particle which conveys urgency, adding an imperative quality] (this is the way it is or must be)
ซีกseekFsection; piece; part; portion [as in the English prefix] hemi-
ซึ่งseungF[the relative pronouns] that; which
ซึ่งseungF[the relative pronouns] who; whose; whom; of which
ซื่อseuuF[is] faithful; loyal; honest
ซื้อseuuHto buy or purchase
ญาติyaatFrelative; kin; relations; cousins
ญี่ปุ่นyeeF bpoonLJapan
ดงdohngMjungle; thick grove
ดวงduaangMorb; spherical object; astrological sign; stars
ด้วยduayFtogether; along with; also; too; as well; likewise; in addition to doing some other thing (as another action performed by the same subject)
ดังdangM[is] loud; noisy
ดับdapLto eliminate, to stop; to die or pass away
ดับdapLto extinguish; put out; vanquish; dead
ด้านdaanFside; face; direction; quarter; sector; aspect; surface; field; viewpoint
ด้านdaanF[is] callous; hard; hard-hearted; hardened; shameless
ดาวdaaoMstar; a non-planetary celestial body; spot
ดำdamM[is] black; dark; dusky
ดำเนินdamM neernMto implement, to go forward with a plan, to conduct or proceed, to operate, carry out
ดำริdamM riL[Royal use only] to think
ดินdinMdirt; earth; soil; ground; land; kingdom; realm
ดีdeeM[is] good; well; fine; nice; excellent; high
ดื่มdeuumLto drink; <subject> drinks
ดุจdootLsimilar to, as if, as though
ดูduuMto look at; examine; or inspect; to watch (for example, a film)
เดินdeernMto walk; <subject> walks
เดิมdeermMthe origin; beginning; start
เดียวdiaaoM[is] single; alone
เดี่ยวdiaaoL[is] single; alone; sole
เดี๋ยวdiaaoRsoon; shortly; momentarily; wait a minute
เดี๋ยวนี้diaaoR neeHnow; nowadays; "Right now!"; "Pronto!"
เดือดdeuuatLto boil by heat; to be iritated; to be provoked; to boil over; to be furious; to be in a rage
แดงdaaengM[is] red
แดดdaaetLsunlight; sunshine; sun; strong sunlight; rays of the sun
แดนdaaenMborder; land boundary; area; region
โดยdooyMby; via; the method; route; way or mode of attainment
ใดdaiM[is] any
ได้daiFcan; to be able; is able; am able; may; might [auxiliary of potential, denoting possbility, ability, or permission]
ตกdtohkLto fall; to drop or pour down; to fail
ตนdtohnMself; person; man; oneself
ต้นdtohnF[a prefix used for plant or tree names] plant; stalk; trunk; tree
ตรงdtrohngM[is] straight; direct; exactly; upright; vertical
ตรวจdtruaatLto check; test; examination; inspection
ตระกูลdtraL guunMfamily; lineage; pedigree; lineage
ตรัสdtratL[as a king or royalty] to say; remark; speak; declare; pronounce
ตราdtraaMbrand name; brand; seal; stamp; mark; hallmark; device; decoration; badge
ตลอดdtaL laawtLduring; all during; throughout; through; in (e.g., in over 20 years)
ตลาดdtaL laatLmarket; marketplace
ต่อdtaawLagainst; towards; to; further; on; for
ต่อdtaawLto battle
ต่อdtaawL[of contracts, ropes, etc.] to extend, lengthen; [of phone calls] to connect; [of words] to join, link; [of knowledge] to receive or inherit
ต่อdtaawLtelephone extension
ต่อdtaawLto connect
ต่อdtaawL[specifiying temporal sequence] next; afterward; later on; continued
ต่อdtaawLto bargain or haggle; to negotiate
ต้องdtawngF[auxiliary verb] has to...; must...; is required to...; is duty-bound to...
ตอนdtaawnMa period of time; during...; an interval; when...
ต้อนdtaawnFto herd; or corner; gather together
ตอบdtaawpLto answer; reply; respond; in return
ตะเกียงdtaL giiangMlamp; oil lamp; lantern
ตะวันdtaL wanMthe Sun
ตั้งdtangFto decree; lay down; formulate (laws, rules, regulations, questions)
ตัดdtatLto cut; mow; trim; sever; hew; make (a suit); build (a road)
ตัดสินdtatL sinRto decide; judge; referee
ตัวdtuaaM[of a person] self; himself; herself; yourself; themselves; [things] itself
ตัวอย่างdtuaaM yaangLexample; sample
ต้านdtaanFto resist; oppose; stop; withstand; impede; hinder; [the prefix] anti-
ตามdtaamMto follow; along; around
ตามdtaamMaccording to; in accordance with
ตามdtaamMto fetch (someone); to send for (someone)
ตายdtaaiM[general] to die; be dead; perish; decease; expire; terminate; pass away; (car) stop (working)
ตำdtamMbeat; pound an object; pulverize
ตำdtamMto pierce; puncture; prick
ต่ำdtamL[is] low; short; depressed; base
ตำบลdtamM bohnMsub-district, a subdivision of the อำเภอ 
ตำแหน่งdtamM naengLposition; post; rank
ติดdtitL[of a person] to become (figuratively) fixated (on something); to think about (something) to an extreme and excessive degree; to be (figuratively) absorbed; to be obsessed (with someone or something); to be crazy or mad about; to be fascinated by
ตีdteeMto beat; hit; strike; or whip
ตึกdteukLbuilding; brickwork; a brick structure
ตุลาคมdtooL laaM khohmMOctober
ตู้dtuuFstorage cabinet; post office box; cupboard; locker for luggage; (gym clothing) locker
เต็มdtemM[is] complete; full
เตรียมdtriiamMto prepare; to be ready; to ready
เตือนdteuuanMto caution; warn; remind
แต่dtaaeLbut; even; however; rather
แตกdtaaekLto break; burst; shatter; smash; break in pieces; break out; blossom
แต่งdtaengLto adorn, decorate, beautify, garnish
โตdto:hM[is] big; large; grown
ใต้dtaiFSouth; Southern
ไต่dtaiLto climb; to scale (a mountain); to move up slowly and carefully
ถนนthaL nohnRroad; boulevard; avenue; street
ถวายthaL waaiRto give; offer; present; make a donation to a monk
ถอยthaawyRto withdraw; move back; retreat
ถ้อยthaawyFwords; wording; speech; utterance; diction; verbal expression; statement; terms
ถั่วthuaaLa bean or pea plant; a bean
ถ้าthaaF[indicating a condition] if
ถามthaamRto ask (a question); to inquire; to quiz; to interrogate
ถูกthuukL[is] true; correct; right; conforming
ถูกthuukL[a verb particle reflecting passive voice]
เถิดtheertL[a formal word placed after a verb or a sentence to mark or indicate an exhortation, a command or an entreaty] let's; let us; let's go for it; let's do it
เถียงthiiangRto contradict; to argue; to dispute; to talk back
แถวthaaeoR[of objects] a row; column; file; line; bank; queue
ไถthaiRto plow; thrust; push; to clip hair very short
ทดลองthohtH laawngMto experiment; test
ทนthohnMto bear; stand; put up with; tolerate; endure; last
ทรงsohngMform; figure; style
ทรงsohngM[royal use only] [prefix which transforms common verbs (and sometimes nouns) into the verbs (and nouns) for royal language showing actions of mounting (a horse) or holding (an object), etc. The meanings will depend on such ensuing verbs.]
ทรงsohngMhair style; hairdo
ทรัพย์sapHasset; wealth; possessions; riches
ทราบsaapF[polite] to know a fact or piece of information
ทวีthaH weeMto multiply; increase; add; double
ทวีปthaH weepFcontinent
ทหารthaH haanRmilitary; army; soldier
ท่อthaawFduct, pipe, hose, tube
ทองthaawngMgold; Au
ทองคำthaawngM khamMgold; gold nugget
ท้องthaawngHbelly; abdomen; stomach
ทอดthaawtF[is] deep-fried
ทะเลthaH laehMsea
ทั้งthangHall; entire; whole; wholly; both (...and); while
ทั้งปวงthangH bpuaangMall; in total; completely; of every kind; as a whole
ทั้งหลายthangH laaiRall; many; several
ทันthanMto overtake; catch up with; be on time; be abreast of
ทับthapHto place on top of or overlay; superimpose; run over
ทัพthapHarmy; fighting forces; force; troops; armed forces
ทั่วthuaaFall; entire; complete; whole; throughout
ทาthaaMto apply; paint; put on lotion or makeup
ทางthaangMdirection, way, path, course, the way
ทานthaanM[formal, yet abbreviated] to eat
ท่านthanF[a respectful 2nd or 3rd person singular pronoun] you; he; she; him; her; they; them
ทาบthaapFto brace or splice with a long piece alongside
ทายthaaiMto foretell; prophesy; predict; guess
ทายthaaiM[of a problem] to solve; to answer
ท้ายthaaiHat the back; at the end
ท้ายthaaiHstern; back; rear end
ท้าวthaaoH[title for a king or god]
ทำthamMto do or perform an action; cause or effect a result; work
ทำไมthamM maiMwhy
ทำลายthamM laaiMto damage; harm; do harm; destroy; ruin; crush
ทิ้งthingHto abandon; discard; throw away; to leave (an object) behind; throw; cast
ทิศthitH[a named] direction or point of the compass (such as east, west, north, and south, or right and left); a quarter section of the horizon
ทีtheeMturn; outing; chance; opportunity; instance; times; occasion
ทีเดียวtheeM diaaoMquite; very
ที่theeFat; on the site of; within; amidst; in the location of
ทุกthookHevery; each
ทุกข์thookHsuffering; sorrow; distress; adversity; trouble; anxiety; pain; first of the Four Noble Truths
ทุ่งthoongFfield; plain; pasture
ทูตthuutFambassador; diplomat; emissary; envoy; attaché
ทูนthuunMto place in an elevated position; to respect; to revere; to worship; to esteem
เทthaehMto take away in large numbers; to haul off; to pour
เท็จthetH[is] false; untrue; dishonest; deceptive; spurious
เทวดาthaehM waH daaMa male angel
เท่าthaoF[is] equal; equivalent; even; as much as
เท่าไรthaoF much?... how many?; long?; to that extent
เท้าthaaoHfoot; feet; paw
เที่ยงthiiangF12:00 h; 12 p.m.; noon
เทียบthiiapFto compare; to place alongside; to escort
เทียมthiiamM[is] artificial; false; imitation
เที่ยวthiaaoFa trip; vacation; holiday; pleasure tour
แท้thaaeH[is] genuine; real; true
แทนthaaenMto subsitute; represent; replace
แทนthaaenMinstead; in place of
แทนthaaenMsubstitute; replacement; deputized; representative
แทบthaaepFnearly; almost
โทษtho:htFpunishment; penalty; penance; guilt; blame; offence; crime; penalty; ill-effect; harm; danger; fault; defect; sinfulness; misdeed
ไทยthaiMThai; of or pertaining to Thailand
ธรรมthamMdharma; religious teaching; religious duty
ธรรมthamMvirtue; morality; precept; scruples; rightneousness; principles; doctrine
ธรรมthamMmorals and ethics; the good and decent principles of life
ธรรมthamMtruth; enlightenment
ธรรมthamMjustice; fairness
ธรรมthamMrule; law; regulation
ธรรมดาthamM maH daaM[is] usual; ordinary; normal; average; plain; regular; natural; common
ธรรมเนียมthamM niiamMcustom; customs; tradition; traditional usage
ธันวาคมthanM waaM khohmMDecember
ธาตุthaatFone of the four ancient elements: earth, water, air, or fire
ธุระthooH raHbusiness; personal business; errands
เธอthuuhrM[used in intimate or informal settings] you [the 2nd person singular pronoun]
นครnaH khaawnMcity; town; municipality
นมnohmM[general] milk
นอกnaawkF[is] outside of; external to; foreign; alien
นอกจากnaawkF jaakLexcept; unless; with the exception of...; other than...; besides; not only
น้องnaawngHyounger sibling; younger friend; younger colleague; girlfriend or wife in relation to boyfriend or husband
นอนnaawnMto sleep; lie down
น้อยnaawyH[is] little; small; minor; tiny; less; few; slight; a little bit; a small amount
นักnakH[word used before a verb or noun to describe a profession] person who; enthusiast; devotee; expert
นักปราชญ์nakH bpraatLphilosopher
นักเรียนnakH riianMstudent; pupil (thru high school); schoolchildren
นั่งnangFto sit or be sitting
นั่นnanFthere (at a medium distance from here); those; that
นั้นnanHthat one; object at a medium distance; those
นับnapHto count
นับถือnapH theuuRto respect; esteem; revere; reckon; hold in high regard; believe in; profess
นาnaaMrice farm; rice paddy; grain field
น่าnaaF[a prefix to a verb or adjective indicating a likely or probable state, as in the English suffix] "-able"
น่าnaaF[a prefix to a verb or adjective to indicate a persistent state or greater intensity of description] extremely; very; intensely; entrenched; really
นานnaanMlong time; as time passes
นามnaamMname; designation; appellation
นาฬิกาnaaM liH gaaMtimepiece; clock; wristwatch; watch
นำnamMto lead or precede
น้ำnaamHwater; fluid; liquid
น้ำแข็งnamH khaengRice
น้ำมันnamH manMoil; gasoline; fuel
นิ่งningF[is] still; immobile; silent; motionless; quiet
นิดnitH[is] tiny; very small; microscopic
นิทานniH thaanMfable; story; yarn; tale; folklore; fairytale
นิยมniH yohmM[is] popular
นิ้วniuHfinger; toe; digit
นี้neeHthis; these
นึกneukHto suppose, think or conjecture; to feel, ponder, harbor a feeling or doubt,
นุ่งnoongFto dress; don; put on; wear clothing; to get dressed; attire; clothe; garb; robe; slip on or into
เนื้อneuuaHbeef; flesh; tissue meat of any animal [especially] meat of the cow
เนื่องneuuangF[is] due to; related or connected to; a result of
แน่naaeF[is] sure; certain; truthful; firm; stable; without doubt; exact
แน่นnaaenF[is] crowded; busy (restaurant, etc); tightly packed
แน่นnaaenF[is] tight; firm; secure
แนะนำnaeH namM[of a person] to introduce
แนะนำnaeH namM[of an idea] to introduce; suggest; advise; direct; guide; recommend
โน้นno:hnHthat one over there; a distant object
ในnaiMin; inside; within; amidst; into; on; at a particular time
บกbohkLland; dry land; terra firma; high ground
บทbohtLchapter of a book; lesson of a schoolbook; article in a magazine; verse; stanza
บทบรรณาธิการbohtL banM naaM thiH gaanMeditorial
บนbohnMover; above; on; upon; in
บรรดาbanM daaMall; in general; those
บริบูรณ์baawM riH buunM[is] perfect, complete, full, flawless
บริษัทbaawM riH satLcompany; firm; corporation; congregration; audience; meeting; assembly
บริสุทธิ์baawM riH sootL[is] innocent; pure; uncontaminated; virgin; fine
บอกbaawkLto say; tell; inform; mention; state; relate; let (someone) know
บังbangMto hide; to conceal; to block the view; to screen, share or shield; to obscure
บังคับbangM khapHto force; compel; command; control; coerce; enforce; compulsory; mandatory
บังเกิดbangM geertLto beget; produce; engender; conceive; pop up
บัญชาbanM chaaMto command; direct
บัญญัติbanM yatLlegal act; law; decree; ordance; regulation
บางbaangM[is] scarce; limited; few; rare; thin
บางbaangM[is] thin; weak; light; fine
บางทีbaangM theeMmaybe; sometimes; perhaps
บ้างbaangFsome; any; partially
บาทbaatLThai currency: Baht (TH฿)
บานbaanMto bloom; open; blossom; unfold
บ้านbaanFhouse; home; place (or one's place); village
บ่ายbaaiLafternoon hours between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
บำรุงbamM roongMto care for; maintain; nurture; support
บิดาbiL daaMfather
บุคคลbookL khohnMperson; individual; man; commoner
บุญboonMgood deeds; merit
บุญboonMholy; virtuous; pure; sacred
บุตรbootLchild, offspring, son or daughter
บุตรีbootL reeMdaughter
บุรุษbooL rootLman; male; gentleman; person; people; mankind; humans
บุหรี่booL reeLcigarette
เบอร์buuhrMnumber; digit
เบี้ยbiiaFa small amount of money
เบี้ยbiiaFa counter used in gambling
เบื้องbeuuangF[prefix for a (spatial) direction]
แบ่งbaengLto share; divide into parts; apportion
แบนbaaenM[is] flat
แบบbaaepLplan; kind; design; pattern; style; model; type; [formal term officially endorsed by the Royal Institute] version (of software)
โบราณbo:hM raanM[is] ancient; obsolete; outdated; old-fashioned
ใบbaiMpaper; sheet; card; ticket; document; blade
ปกครองbpohkL khraawngMto rule; administer; govern
ปฏิบัติbpaL dtiL batLto execute; perform; do; act; behave, practice
ปรกติbprohkL gaL dtiL[is] normal; regular; good condition; doing well
ประกอบbpraL gaawpLto combine; to put together; to build; to assemble; to make; to erect
ประการbpraL gaanMtype; kind; sort; species; variety; method; item
ประกาศbpraL gaatLto announce; to proclaim; to declare; to notify; to publish
ประกาศbpraL gaatLbill
ประจำbpraL jamM[is] assigned; permanently placed; constant; fixed
ประชุมbpraL choomMto assemble; have a meeting
ประตูbpraL dtuuMdoor; gate; doorway; entrance
ประเทศbpraL thaehtFnation; country
ประพฤติbpraL phreutHto behave; to conduct oneself; to act; to perform or do
ประพฤติbpraL phreutHmanner; conduct; deportment; behavior
ประมาณbpraL maanMapproximately; about; roughly
ประโยชน์bpraL yo:htLbenefit; use; usefulness
ประโยชน์bpraL yo:htLuseful; beneficial
ประสงค์bpraL sohngRto wish or desire
ประเสริฐbpraL seertL[is] excellent; glorious; sublime; superb; outstanding
ประหลาดbpraL laatL[is] strange; odd; weird; peculiar; wonderful; marvelous; queer; unusual; surprising
ปรากฏbpraaM gohtLto appear; to seem; to reveal
ปราบปรามbpraapL bpraamMto repress; quell; quash; subjugate
ปรารถนาbpraatL thaL naaRto wish for; to desire
ปราศจากbpraatL saL jaakL[is] without; separate from; [is] rid of; [is] free from
ปล่อยbplaawyLto let go; relinquish; discharge; emit; abandon; release; ease
ปลาบbplaapL[is] thrilling; flashing; shining
ปลูกbpluukLto cultivate; to plant; build; to grow a plant
ปวงbpuaangMin general; as a group; taken together
ป้องกันbpaawngF ganMto defend; protect against; prevent; prevent against; bar
ปัญญาbpanM yaaM[Buddhism] intelligence; wisdom; sharpness; wit
ปัญหาbpanM haaRproblem; trouble; difficulty
ปั้นbpanFto mold; form; fabricate
ป่าbpaaLforest; woods; jungle; wild
ปากbpaakLmouth or any part in the mouth or lip areas; lips; orifice; (animal's) muzzle
ปิดbpitLto close; turn off; to shut
ปีbpeeMyear; annum; annual
เป็นbpenMto be; <subject> is
เปรียบbpriiapLto compare; to contrast
เปล่าbplaaoL[is] void, empty, naked, nothing, plain (lacking adornment or ornamentation; unembellished)
เปลี่ยนbpliianLto change; replace; to convert; to alter; swap; substitute; to transplant
เปลือกbpleuuakLbark; rind; husk; shell; skin; peel
เปลืองbpleuuangMto use up; consume; waste
เปิดbpeertLto open; to turn on; engage
แปดbpaaetLeight; the number or quantity eight
แปลกbplaaekL[is] strange; unusual; queer; weird; peculiar; odd; curious
แปลงbplaaengMplot of land; flower bed; field
แปลงbplaaengMto convert; modify; adapt
โปรดbpro:htL[a formal word of request] "please"
ไปbpaiMto go; <subject> goes
ไปรษณีย์bpraiM saL neeMpost; mail; post office; postal system
ผมphohmR[used by male speakers] I; me; my
ผมphohmRhair [of the head]
ผสมphaL sohmRto combine; mix
ผ้าphaaFcloth; material; fabric
ผ่านphaanLto cross; pass; pass by; pass through; pass an exam
ผิดphitL[is] incorrect; wrong; mistaken; false; faulty; guilty
ผิวphiuRskin; complexion; surface
ผีpheeRghost; spirit
ผู้phuuFperson, human, one (who...); [Thai prefix corresponding to the English suffixes] '-er' or '-or'
ผูกphuukLto bind; tie; attach
เผยpheeuyRto open; to disclose; to discover; to unveil; to uncover; to reveal
เผื่อpheuuaLin case of; provided that; if; for; in case (that)
แผ่phaaeLto expand, spread out, diffuse, stretch out, extend, broaden, unfold, unroll
แผนphaaenRplan; pattern; scheme; project; model
แผ่นphaenLsheet; tablet; plank; strip; piece
แผ่นดินphaenL dinMland; country; kingdom; ground; earth; plot of land
ฝรั่งfaL rangLnon-Asian foreigner, [usually] Caucasian [see notes]
ฝักfakLhull; pod; sheath; case; nutshell
ฝังfangRto bury; inter; put in the ground; implant
ฝาfaaRlid or cover of a pot or bowl; cap
ฝากfaakLto deposit; leave; entrust (something); consign
ฝ่ายfaaiLside; party; faction; group
ฝึกfeukLto drill; to train; to practice; to exercise; to teach
ฝึกหัดfeukL hatLto drill; practice; rehearse; to train
พงศาวดารphohngM saaR waH daanMannals; historical record; pedigree; chronicle; dynastic history
พ้นphohnHto pass by; to be beyond; to be clear of
พ้นphohnHin the clear; safe from
พบphohpHto meet or rendezvous; locate; find; encounter; experience; discover
พม่าphaH maaFBurma; Burmese
พยานphaH yaanMwitness
พยายามphaH yaaM yaamMto attempt; try; persevere; endeavor; make an effort
พรวนphruaanMto break up into pieces; to loosen
พร้อมphraawmH[is] ready; set; finished; complete
พร้อมphraawmHin unison; concurrently; at the same time; fully
พระphraHpriest; minister; cleric; monk; padre; god; Buddha image
พระphraH[a title or prefix word used with a most revered person, place, or object] royal
พระphraH[a title of ancient Thai civil nobility between พระยา  (Phraya) and หลวง  (Luang)]
พระยาphraH yaaM[title of ancient Thai civil nobility nobility between พระ  (Phra) and เจ้าพระยา  (Chao Phraya)]
พราหมณ์phraamMBrahman; an ancient religion
พฤศจิกายนphreutH saL jiL gaaM yohnMNovember
พฤษภาคมphreutH saL phaaM khohmMMay
พฤหัสบดีphreuH hatL saL baawM deeM[formal, general] Jupiter
พลphohnMpower; force; strength; violence; military force
พลphohnMlow member of military or police force
พลphohnMgeneral; General [military rank]
พลเมืองphohnM laH meuuangMa citizen; an inhabitant; people; population
พลอยphlaawyMgem; gems; gemstones; jewels; jewelry
พลิกphlikHto turn over; to roll from side to side; to play tricks with; to twist
พวกphuaakF[of people, animals] a group, a party
พอphaawM[is] sufficient; [does] suffice; [is] adequate; enough
พ้องphaawngH[is] synonymous; alike-sounding; identical; in agreement; coincident; simultaneous; allied
พักphakHto halt, lay-over, stop for the night, stay overnight at a place, to rest or relax, remain at a place temporarily
พักphakHa short while
พันphanMthousand; the number one thousand (1,000)
พันธ์phanMto be related, bind, fasten together
พาphaaMto bring; take; head a procession; lead the way; conduct; show the way; carry; lead people or animals; take along
พาณิชย์phaaM nitHcommerce; pertaining to commerce
พายphaaiMto row; to paddle
พาลphaanMto fight or quarrel with, accost, pick a fight with, to bully
พาหนะphaaM haL naHvehicle; carrier; transport
พิจารณาphiH jaaM raH naaMto consider; to appraise; to study; to examine; to investigate; to reckon
พิธีphiH theeMceremony; event
พิมพ์phimMto print; type; importing; make an impression of
พิเศษphiH saehtL[is] special; particular; unique; extraordinary; extra
พิเศษphiH saehtLdistinction; uniqueness; peculiarity; oddity
พิษphitHpoison; toxin; venom
พี่pheeFolder sibling; older siblings
พึงpheungM[written] should; ought; ought to
พึ่งpheungFjust now; a moment ago; recently
พืชpheuutFplant; vegetation; fauna; seedling
พื้นpheuunHground; land; foundation
พื้นpheuunH[of a room] floor; foundation; slab; underfloor
พุธphootH[general] Mercury
พูดphuutFto speak; to talk; to say
เพราะphrawHbecause; because of; due to; owing to
เพลิงphleerngMfire; blaze; flame; conflagration
เพลินphleernMto enjoy
เพลินphleernM[is] joyful; joyous; jovial; enjoyable; pleasurable; carried away
เพาะphawHto culture (germs); to cultivate; to plant; to build (body)
เพิ่มpheermFto increase; add; grow; advance; boost; develop; enlarge; enhance; escalate; expand; extend; multiply; raise; spread; swell; more
เพียงphiiangMonly; merely; uAp until the point; as much as; as far as; till; just until
เพียงไรphiiangM raiMhow many; how much
เพียนphiianMto add to, to augment, to supplement
เพื่อpheuuaFfor; on behalf of; for the purpose of...
เพื่อนpheuuanFfriend; pal; chum; buddy; older colleague
แพ้phaaeHallergic to; have an allergy to
แพ้phaaeH[is] defeated; lost
แพ้phaaeHbe defeated (by); to lose (to); to fail
แพงphaaengM[is] expensive
ฟ้องfaawngHto accuse; prosecute
ฟ้องfaawngHto sue
ฟักfakHgourd; squash Cucurbita
ฟังfangMto listen; listen to
ฟันfanMtooth; teeth
ฟ้าfaaHthe sky; firmament; heaven
ไฟfaiMfire; flame
ไฟfaiMelectric light; light switch
ภรรยาphanM raH yaaMwife
ภัยphaiMharm, danger, catastrophe, fear, dread, peril, threat
ภาคphaakFsection, portion, part [I, II, III, etc., of a movie or novel], region, division, side, segment, share, period, time, sector [economics]
ภาพphaapFimage; picture; drawing; vision
ภาพphaapFexistence; state; being; [a suffix corresponding to the English suffix "-dom"]
ภายphaaiM[referring to placement in space or time] location
ภายนอกphaaiM naawkF[is] outside; external
ภายในphaaiM naiMthe inside, the interior
ภายในphaaiM naiMwithin; by (a certain time frame)
ภายในphaaiM naiM[is] internal; inside
ภายหลังphaaiM langRafterward; later; afterwards
ภาษาphaaM saaRlanguage(s); speech; idiom; tongue; lingo; understanding; words
ภาษิตphaaM sitLsaying; proverb; motto; saw; teaching; maxim; adage
ภาษีphaaM seeRtax; duty
ภูเขาphuuM khaoRhill; mountain
ภูมิphuuM miHstatus; standing
ภูมิphuuM miHearthen land; soil; site; grounds; floor; place
ภูมิphuuM miH[is] grand; proud; dignified
มกราคมmohkH gaL raaM khohmMJanuary
มณฑลmohnM thohnMprecinct; administrative region
มนตรีmohnM dtreeMa high government official or adviser, a mandarin
มนุษย์maH nootHhuman being; man; human; homo sapiens
มองmaawngMto look at; see; view; stare at; glance; eye
มอญmaawnMMon, Pegu, Peguan; an ethnic group of Burma and Thailand
มอบmaawpFto assign; entrust; turn over; commit; deliver
มักmakHoften; frequently; inclined towards; prone towards
มั่งมีmangF meeM[is] rich; wealthy; affluent; opulent
มัธยมmatH thaH yohmMsecondary education; high school
มันmanM[the indefinite pronoun for referring to animals or things] it, they, them
มันmanMoil; fat; grease
มั่นคงmanF khohngM[is] secure; stable; firm; solid; sturdy
มาmaaMto come; <subject> comes
มากmaakFmuch; many; very; more; so much; a great deal; seriously
มากมายmaakF maaiMvery much; plentiful; much; many; countless; various; several; a lot of; many; diversified; miscellaneous; numerous
มารดาmaanM daaMmother
มิตรmitHfriend or friends
มิถุนายนmiH thooL naaM yohnMJune
มีmeeMto have or possess; to be available
มีนาคมmeeM naaM khohmMMarch
มือmeuuMhand; hands
มุ่งหมายmoongF maaiRto aim at or for; to intend; to mean; to endeavor; to attempt
เมตตาmaehtF dtaaM[Buddhism] goodwill; kindness; mercy; clemency; compassion; kindheartedness
เมล็ดmaH letHseed; grain; tiny piece; bean
เมษายนmaehM saaR yohnMApril
เมาmaoM[is] drunk; intoxicated; inebriated; dizzy; sick; [has] nausea
เมื่อmeuuaF[indicating a point in time] when; on (a date)
เมื่อไรmeuuaF raiM[used in a question] when
เมืองmeuuangMcity; nation; country; land; town
แม่maaeF[general] mother
แม่น้ำmaaeF naamHriver
แม้maaeHthough; if; provided; even; even if
แมลงmaH laaengMbug; insect
ไม่maiFnot; no
ไม้maaiHwood; woods; forest; stick; rod
ไมตรีmaiM dtreeMamicability; friendship; goodwill; (to be on) good terms
ยกyohkHto raise; to hoist (up); to revoke; to advance; to abolish; to elevate; to lift; to erect
ยนต์yohnM[is] powered; motorized; mechanical
ยอดyaawtFtop; pinnacle; tip; peak; summit; crown; zenith
ยอดyaawtFexcellent; superb; perfect; great
ยอดyaawtFbudgetary item; grand total; total
ยอมyaawmMto allow, yield, let, accept, agree to; is willing to
ย่อมyaawmFcan; naturally; as a matter of course; inevitably
ยังyangMyet; since; not yet; still
ยาyaaMdrug; medicine; remedy; medication; having to do with medical treatment
ยากyaakF[is] difficult; hard; not easy
ยามyaamMa guard, sentry, sentinel or night watchman
ยามyaamMperiod of time designated as a shift or a watch for a sentinel or watchman
ย้ายyaaiHto move or transfer
ยาวyaaoM[of geometric length] [is] long
ยิงyingMto fire or shoot (a gun)
ยิ่งyingFexcessive; extreme
ยิ่งyingFexcessively; extremely; very much; even more so
ยืนyeuunMto stand
ยุติธรรมyootH dtiL thamM[is] fair; just
ยุโรปyooH ro:hpL[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Europe
เย็นyenM[of an object, atmosphere, liquid, or time of day] [is] cool; cold
แย่งyaaengFto catch; to seize; to scramble for; contend for; compete for; wrest
โยนyo:hnMto throw; pitch; cast; fling; hurl
รถrohtHcar; vehicle; bus
รบrohpHto go to war; to fight; to make war; to battle
ร่มrohmFumbrella; parasol
ร่มrohmFshade; sunshade; screen; blind; canopy; cover; covering; curtain; shield; veil
รวมruaamMto combine; collect; add; include; incorporate; assemble; confederate
ร่วมruaamFto share; join; partake; participate; unite; affiliate with; associate with; team with
รองraawngMto support (from below); to place (something) under
รองraawngMto collect (liquid) under (a spout)
รองraawngM[of ranking and order] deputy, vice-; subordinate; associate; secondary, [competition, status of wife] second, next
รองเท้าraawngM thaaoHshoe or shoes; footwear; boot or boots
ร้องraawngHcry out; to scream; to exclaim; to weep; to sob; to yell; to roar; to squeal
ร้อนraawnH[of temperature] [is] hot
รอบraawpFcycle; round; circuit; trip; anniversary; revolution
รอยraawyMa trace; pathway; track; vestige; impression; imprint; a mark
ร้อยraawyHhundred; the number one hundred; 100
ระงับraH ngapHto halt; to curb; to stop; cease; mitigate; check suppress; repress
ระเบียบraH biiapLorder; regulations; system
ระยะraH yaHa space; interval or separation (as in punctuation); a period; a stage; distance; time
ระลึกraH leukHto think of; to recollect; to recall; to remember
ระหว่างraH waangLbetween; in the middle of; the middle; among
รักrakHto love; <subject> loves
รักษาrakH saaRto take care of; maintain; save; quell [an uprising]
รักษาrakH saaRto remedy, treat, or cure an illness
รังrangMnest; home
รัฐบาลratH thaL baanMgovernment
รับrapHto receive, get; accept; catch a thrown object, take, to fetch, to pick (someone) up, (colloq.) telephone call
รับประทานrapH bpraL thaanMto dine; eat; sup; have a meal
รากraakFroot; foundation; source
ราคาraaM khaaMprice; tariff; fare; cost; [coinage] denomination
รางraangMgroove; conduit; rail; track
ร่างraangFshape; figure; body; outline; form
ร่างraangFmesh; structure; grid
รางวัลraangM wanMaward; prize; reward
ราชการraatF chaH gaanMcivil service; public service; government service; bureaucracy
ราชาraaM chaaMroyal, of or pertaining to king
ร้านraanHstore or shop; commercial establishment; a place where merchandise is sold; restaurant
รายraaiMlist of items; record; tally; story; account; item; statement; case
ร้ายraaiH[is] bad; very bad; fierce; cruel; harmful; evil; wild
ราวraaoMhandrail; railing; rod; rack
ราษฎร์raatFcitizens; population; the people; the populace; the masses
รำramMto dance
ริมrimMedge; rim; banks (of a river or canal)
ริมrimMby; beside; alongside; at the side of
รีบreepFto hurry
รุ่งroongFdawn; daybreak
รูruuMtiny hole; cavity; gap
รู้ruuHto know a subject or piece of learned information
รู้จักruuH jakL[of a person, place, or idea] to know
รู้สึกruuH seukLto feel or emote, to feel an emotion; to experience
รูปruupFshape; form; contour; appearance; similarity-to
เร็วreoM[is] fast; quick; speedy
เราraoMwe; us; our
เริ่มreermFto begin; to start; commence
เรียกriiakFto call out; called; to be named
เรียงriiangMto arrange; place in order; line up
เรียนriianMto study at the elementary school level; study at any academic level
เรียบร้อยriiapF raawyH[is] neat; ready; all set; all in order; orderly; tidy
เรียบร้อยriiapF raawyH[is] polite and well mannered
เรือreuuaMboat; ship; barge; vessel; navy
เรื่องreuuangFabout; relating to; concerning; [as part of the header in an official letter along with เรียน ] "Subject:"
เรือนreuuanMhousehold; dwelling; abode; [typically a] wooden house
แรกraaekF[is] first; primary; initial
แรงraaengM[is] strong; powerful; energetic; having energy; hard
โรคro:hkFdisease; sickness; case
โรงro:hngMbuilding; hall; pavilion; structure; theater
โรงเรียนro:hngM riianM[general] school [not used to refer to college or university]
ไรraiM[suffix indicating qualification, quantification, or interrogation, as indicated below]
ไร่raiFthe rai, a unit of land measure
ไร้raiH[is] without; lacking; devoid of; in need of
ลงlohngMto come down; go down; get off; get out of; descend; land
ลดlohtHto decrease; reduce; lower; diminish; lessen
ลบlohpHto erase
ลบlohpHmathematical subtraction; minus
ลบlohpH[charge, digit, medical test] negative; non-positive
ลมlohmMair; wind; storm; breeze
ล้มlohmHto fall down
ลวงluaangMto deceive; to gull; to dupe; to impose upon by craftiness or guile; to lure; entice or tempt into some snare or trap
ล่วงluaangFto exceed; overstep; pass; to go beyond
ล้วนluaanH[is] pure; absolute; pristine
ลองlaawngMto try; test; to experiment with; to try out
ลอยlaawyMto float, to set afloat or adrift; to waft through (the air)
ละlaHeach; every; one at a time; [implying division] per
ละครlaH khaawnM[general] theatrical presentation
ละลายlaH laaiMto dissolve; melt
ละอองlaH aawngMdust; spray; mist; particles; fine particles; powder; fall-out
ละเอียดlaH iiatL[is] detailed; exact; delicate; fine; powdered; finely powdered; meticulous; careful; thorough; methodical
ลักlakHto steal; to pilfer; to pinch; to carry off
ลักษณะlakH saL naLcharacteristic; form; attribute; quality; pattern; style; appearance
ลาlaaMto say good-bye; to be on leave; to take one's leave; to bid farewell
ลากlaakFto drag; pull at; haul
ล่างlaangFbelow; under; down below; underneath
ล้างlaangHto clean; wash; rinse
ล้านlaanHmillion; the number one million (1,000,000)
ลำดับlamM dapLsequence; order; line; arrangement; series
ลำบากlamM baakL[is] difficult; hard; troublesome, in difficulty
ลำพังlamM phangMindividual; private; personal
ลึกleukH[is] deep
ลืมleuumMto forget
ลุกlookHto rise; stand up; get up; arise
ลุงloongMuncle; elder uncle; elder brother of a parent; great uncle
ลูกluukFchild; offspring; son or daughter [including figurative usage for certain ideas]; cub; young animal
เล็กlekH[is] small; tiny; fine; little
เล่นlenFto play; have fun; enjoy; amuse; jest; have fun on the Internet
เล่มlemF[of a book] a volume
เลยleeuyM[used for emphasis at the end of a statement] " all." — " much!" — "...extremely!; completely, directly; simply, without doing anything else first; right away
เลวlaayoM[is] bad; inferior; worthless; base; vile
เล่าlaoFto relate a story; to tell; to recount; to narrate
เลิกleerkFto quit; to stop; to give up; cancel; suspend; discontinue; abolish; cease; exit; split up
เลิกleerkFseparate from another person; to break up a relationship
เลี้ยงliiangHto feed; nourish; nurture; raise a child or animal; provide for; rear; bring up; foster; nurse
เลี้ยงliiangHto have a banquet; to hold a party or feast
เลี้ยวliaaoHto turn; make a change in direction
เลือกleuuakFto select or choose; elect; pick
เลื่อนleuuanFto slide; to slip; to glide; to skid
เลื่อนleuuanFto postpone
เลื่อนleuuanFto promote
แลlaaeMto look at; to watch; to see; to glance; to take a look
แล้งlaaengH[is] dry
แล่นlaaenFto move; to run; to sail; to glide; to slide; to steam
แล้วlaaeoH[adverbial word indicating past tense or aspect marker indicating present perfect (past continued to present)] in the past; completed; still; to make done
โลกlo:hkFthe planet Earth
โลกlo:hkFthe world; globe
วงศ์wohngMlineage; family; dynasty; clan; kinship; descent; stock; race; multitude; assemblage; family [taxonomy]
วัดwatHtemple; monastery
วันจันทร์wanM janMMonday
วันพฤหัสฯwanM phaH reuH hatL[colloquial] Thursday
วันพุธwanM phootHWednesday
วันศุกร์wanM sookLFriday
วันเสาร์wanM saoRSaturday
วันอังคารwanM angM khaanMTuesday
วันอาทิตย์wanM aaM thitHSunday
วัวwuaaMcow; ox; bovine
ว่าwaaFto speak; say; aver; think
วางwaangMto lay down; to put down; to put on (airs); to deposit; to place; to set down
ว่างwaangF[is] vacant; free; available; empty
วาจาwaaM jaaMspeech; words; utterance; remarks; statements
วานwaanMthe day before
วิ่งwingFto run; rush; speed <subject> runs
วิชาwiH chaaM[of study] a subject; knowledge; branch of study
วิทยาwitH thaH yaaMscience; knowledge; learning; philosophy; [often a suffix to the name of a primary or secondary school]
วิธีwiH theeMmethod; way; mode of operation; procedure
เว้นwenHto exclude; omit; skip over
เวลาwaehM laaM[general] time [as in space and time]
ศาสนาsaatL saL naaRreligion; creed
ศุกร์sookL[general] Venus
ศูนย์suunRzero; the number or quantity zero
ส่งsohngLto ship; send or deliver (mail or parcel or package); emit
สงครามsohngR khraamMwar; battle; hostilities; conflict; combat
สงสัยsohngR saiRto doubt; suspect; wonder about
สงสัยsohngR saiR[is] suspicious
สงสารsohngR saanRfeel sorry for; to pity
สดsohtL[is] fresh; green; not spoiled; new; newly produced or minted; raw; [colors] bright
สตรีsaL dtreeMfemale; woman; lady
สตางค์saL dtaangM"sadang," a Thai coin worth one one-hundredth of a Baht; [figuratively meaning] money [in a general sense]
สติsaL dtiLmindfulness; consciousness; mind; thought; sense; sensibility; sense of responsiveness; attention; attentiveness; reflection; balance
สถานsaL thaanRplace; site; location; locality
สถานีsaL thaaR neeMstation
สนใจsohnR jaiM[is] interested (in); [is] attentive (to)
สนามsaL naamRfield; park; lawn; playground; meadow; yard; turf; grassy field
สนุกsaL nookL[is] fun; enjoyable; entertaining; amusing; pleasant
สบายsaL baaiM[is] happy; comfortable; content; fine; well; cool; o.k.; good; nice
สภาsaL phaaMcouncil; assembly
สมsohmR[is] becoming; suitable for; appropriate; conforming; worthy of
สมsohmRto deserve; to meet with
ส้มsohmF[general] orange; citrus; orange color
สมควรsohmR khuaanM[is] suitable; proper; fitting; reasonable; appropriate; correct
สมเด็จsohmR detLabbot, great one, a title of high rank for a queen and highly revered Buddhist priests
สมบัติsohmR batLassets; treasure; fortune; riches; wealth
สมมุติsohmR mootHto assume; suppose
สมัยsaL maiRera; times; period; age
สมาคมsaL maaM khohmMassociation; organization; corporation
สมาชิกsaL maaM chikHmember; subscriber
สรรเสริญsanR seernRto praise; admire; laud
สระsaL raLa vowel
สร้างsaangFto build; construct; create; establish; to cause
สละsaL laLto abandon; to renounce; to relinquish; to sacrifice; to foresake; to abdicate
สลึงsaL leungRsalueng; 25 sadang; ¼ of 1 baht
สวนsuaanRgarden; field; park; farm; plantation
สวมsuaamRto wear; to put on; to dress with; to cover; to clothe
สวยsuayR[is] beautiful; pretty; lovely; gorgeous; attractive; nice-looking [usually referring to women but also possibly a view]
สวรรค์saL wanRheaven; paradise
สวัสดีครับsaL watL deeM khrapH[spoken politely by a male] hello; goodbye
สวัสดีค่ะsaL watL deeM khaF[spoken politely by a female] hello or goodbye
สว่างsaL waangL[is] bright; shining; illuminated
สหายsaL haaiRfriend, companion, pal
สองsaawngRtwo; the number or quantity two
ส่องsaawngLto look at with a telescope, microscope, or binoculars
ส่องsaawngLto look in a mirror
ส่องsaawngLto illuminate, enlighten; to shine or throw light upon
สอนsaawnRto teach; to instruct; to train
สะดวกsaL duaakL[is] convenient, comfortable; conveniently, comfortly
สะพานsaL phaanMbridge; pier
สะอาดsaL aatL[is] clean; spotless
สักsakLto tattoo
สักsakL[general] [is] teak
สั่งsangLto order merchandise, food, or medicine
สังเกตsangR gaehtLto notice; observe; perceive; recconoiter; make a note of
สัญญาsanR yaaMlegal contract; promise; agreement; treaty; pact; deal
สัตว์satLan animal; animals
สั้นsanF[of length] [is] short; squat
สัมมาsamR maaMright; correct; honest; virtuous; righteous
สามsaamRthree; the number or quantity three
สามารถsaaR maatF[is] capable; able
สามีsaaR meeMhusband
สายsaaiRwire; line; rope; string; strap; connection; tie; electric wire
สาวsaaoRyoung woman; girl; unmarried woman; maiden; damsel; lass; lassie (informal); maid; virgin; wench
สำนักsamR nakHoffice; bureau; institute; institution
สำราญsamR raanM[is] content happy; reveling (in)
สำเร็จsamR retLto succeed; finish; complete; accomplish
สำหรับsamR rapLfor; as for; in order to; for the purpose of; in order that
สิ่งsingL[general term for] a thing; item
สิงโตsingR dto:hMlion
สิงหาคมsingR haaR khohmMAugust
สินsinRproperty; wealth; riches; possessions
สินค้าsinR khaaHmerchandise; product; finished good
สิบsipLten; the number or quantity ten
สีseeRcolor; colors; paint
สี่seeLfour; the number or quantity four
สืบseuupLto search for the facts; to investigate; to detect; to trace; to track
สืบseuupLto succeed; to pass on to another; to continue; to advance
สุขsookLhappiness; content; bliss; pleasure
สู้suuFto contend; fight; compete; make an aggressive move
สู้suuFto face; to be against
สูงsuungR[is] tall; high; advanced
เสด็จsaL detL[royal use only] to come or go, describing the movement of a Royal person
เส้นsenFgeometric line; string; filament; thread; rope; cord; route or routing; ply; [spinal] cord
เสนาบดีsaehR naaM baawM deeMsecretary of state; minister; commander in chief
เสมอsaL muuhrR[is] even; level; flush
เสมียนsaL miianRclerk; secretary
เสร็จsetL[is] finished; completed; ready
เสาร์saoR[general] Saturn
เสียsiiaR[is] spent; broken; wasted; malfunctioning; defective; out of order; rotten; bad
เสียใจsiiaR jaiM[is] very sorry; grieving; to feel bad about something
เสียงsiiangRtone; sound; volume; noise
เสื้อseuuaFshirt; blouse; jacket
เสื่อมseuuamLto deteriorate; to depreciate; decrease; decline
แสงsaaengRlight; ray; light ray; beam of light
แสดงsaL daaengMto act; perform; demonstrate; show; or display
แสวงsaL waaengRto pursue; seek; look for; search out
ใสsaiR[is] clear; transparent
ใส่saiLto put in; add
ไสsaiRto push forward; to shove; to thrust
หกhohkLsix; the number or quantity six
หนทางhohnR thaangMway; route; course; path
หน่อยnaawyL[word used to soften the meaning of a sentence] "...a bit" — "...somewhat" — " some extent"; this little thing, no big deal here, for just a moment
หนักnakL[is] heavy; laden; fully loaded; weighing
หนักnakL[of a medical condition or other problem] [is] serious
หนังnangRcinema; film; movie
หนังสือnangR seuuRbook; document; letters; alphabet; printed document; written document
หนาnaaR[is] thick; (of fabric) heavy
หน้าnaaFface; front; facade; visage; (to nod) head
หน้าที่naaF theeFduty; function; obligation; responsibility
หนาวnaaoR[feeling] [is] cool; cold
หนีneeRto escape; hurry away; flee
หนี้neeFdebt; liability
หนึ่งneungLone; the number or quantity one
หนุ่มnoomLteenage male; young man; adolescent
หนูnuuRmouse; mice; rat
ห่มhohmLto cover; clothe; wrap; enclose; dress
ห่มhohmLcover; close
หมดmohtL[is] empty; finished; all used up; complete; lost
หมวกmuaakLhat; cap
หมอmaawR[informal] a medical doctor; a fortuneteller; a shaman
หม้อmaawFsmall container
หม้อmaawFa pot for cooking
หมอกmaawkLfog; mist; foggy; misty
หมายmaaiRwarrant; notice; order; point; writ; summons; decree
หมีmeeRbear (the animal)
หมุนmoonRto dial; turn; revolve; spin; rotate; whirl
หมูmuuRpork; meat of the pig
หมู่muuLgroup; race; flock; herd; crowd; corporation; company; collection; squad; clusters; series; class; genus; rove
หมู่muuLMoo [part of a street address in Thailand]; neighborhood; block
หยดyohtL[of liquid] a drop
หยดyohtLto drip
หยาบyaapL[is] crude; coarse; rough; rugged
หยาบyaapL[is] rude; vulgar; impolite; obscene
หยุดyootLto stop; halt
หลวงluaangR[is] royal; of the court; superior; official; great
หลวงluaangRstate (pertaining to the government)
หลักlakLpost; pillar; pole; stake; lingam
หลักlakLbasis; foundation; principle; maxim; doctrine; tenet
หลังlangRbehind; following; at the rear
หลับlapLto shut; sleep; to be asleep; go to bed
หลายlaaiRseveral; numerous; a variety; many; sundry; diverse; [the prefix] "multi-"; many
หลีกleekLto avoid; evade; dodge; get out of the way
หลุมloomRhole; hole in the ground; pit
หวังwangRto hope; to expect; to want
หวานwaanR[is] sweet
ห้องhaawngFroom of a building; apartment; chamber
หักhakLto break; be broken off; reflect; tax
หัดhatLto train; practice; drill or exercise; make proficient; learn to
หัดhatLmeasles; rubseola, a highly contageous skin disease
หันhanRto turn oneself around; to face in a direction
หัวhuaaRhead; brain; bulb; tuber
หาhaaRto find; look for; seek; to search
ห้าhaaFfive; the number or quantity five
หากhaakLallowing that; if; despite; rather
ห่างhaangL[is] distant; far from; far away; far apart
ห้ามhaamF[is] forbidden; taboo; prohibited; banned
หายhaaiRto disappear; lose; lost; be missing
เห็นhenRto see; visualize
เหมือนmeuuanR[is] similar; all the same; like; as
แหล่ะlaeL[a colloquial particle used to emphasize what precedes it]
ให้haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
ใหญ่yaiL[is] big; large; huge; major; enormous; extensive; sizeable
ใหม่maiL[is] new; modern; fresh
ไหนnaiR[used as a question] which; where; when
ไหมmaiR[word added at the end of a statement to indicate a question; "right?"]
ไหม้maiFto burn
ไหลlaiR[as a liquid] to flow or run, to slither
อกohkL[general] breast; chest
อดohtLto abstain (from food, e.g.); fast; refrain; cease
อธิบายaL thiH baaiMto explain; define; describe
อนุญาตaL nooH yaatFto give permission or license, permit, allow, grant, consent
อเมริกาaL maehM riH gaaMAmerica; United States; American
อยากyaakL[auxiliary verb] to want; desire; crave for
อย่างyaangLvariety; style; pattern; type; kind; sort; mode; manner; method
อยู่yuuLis (located at); to reside; to live (at); stay; exist at a particular point in time
อวดuaatLto boast; brag; show off; display; flaunt
อ้วนuaanF[is] fat; overweight; not thin
ออกaawkLthe exit; the way out
อ่อนaawnL[is] soft; pliable; tender; [of a drink] mild, weak
ออมaawmMto conserve; save; economize
อะไรaL raiM[indicating a question] what
อักษรakL saawnRalphabet; [of the alphabet:] letter; character; glyph; word; sound; vowels; consonants
อังกฤษangM gritLEngland; English; Great Britain; British
อัตราatL raaMrate; rating; criteria; established scale; limit; standard; class; grade; standing
อันanMitem; a small thing; piece
อันตรายanM dtaL raaiM[is] dangerous; harmful; evil
อากาศaaM gaatLweather; air; climate
อ้างaangFto claim; claim that
อาจaatL[used with another verb to indicate possibility] may; might
อาณาเขตaaM naaM khaehtLterritory
อาณาจักรaaM naaM jakLkingdom; jurisdiction; realm; domain; dominion
อาทิตย์aaM thitHweek
อ่านaanLto read; <subject> reads
อาบน้ำaapL naamHto bathe; take a bath; take a shower; swim
อาศัยaaM saiRto inhabit, live in, or dwell in a place, to reside
อาหารaaM haanRfood; meal; diet
อำนาจamM naatFauthority; power
อำเภอamM phuuhrMdistrict; a subdivision of a Thai province
อีกeekLagain; after a time; still
อื่นeuunL[is] other
อุ้มoomFto carry; hold (in arms); to cradle
เอกaehkL[usually used as an adjective] [is] sole; solitary; single; chief; first; prime; important; leading; excellent; one; alone; lonely
เองaehngMby oneself; on one's own; personally; myself; oneself; himself; themselves
เอาaoMto desire; to want; to specify or order
เอาaoMto take; get; bring
เอื้อเฟื้อeuuaF feuuaH[is] considerate; helpful; generous; friendly
โอo:hMpomelo citrus maxima
โอกาสo:hM gaatLchance; opportunity; occasion
โอรสo:hM rohtHone's own son (legitimate) used by royalty
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